Friday, 25 June 2010

Stay Safe In The Sun This Weekend With Sienna Miller's Favourite Sun Protection!

With wedding season currently upon us, including the much speculated French countryside wedding between Sienna and Jude there is no better time to ensure you have an ultimate beauty staple with you during this glorious sunshine!
Sienna Miller lists PIZ BUIN® as one of her ultimate summer beauty essentials saying she uses “PIZ BUIN SPF 30 for the body” to keep her protected from the sun’s rays. With a little help from the re-launched PIZ BUIN® Allergy range you too can achieve a golden glow like hers!
The PIZ BUIN® Allergy range is a range of products specifically developed with dermatologists to help protect those with sun sensitive skin. It combines advanced UVA/UVB sun filters and Calmanelle™ - a unique shield complex proven to help strengthen the skin’s resilience[1]. Formulated with a powerful anti-oxidant, Calmanelle™ reinforces skin cell’s defence against UV rays and helps skin cell tolerance to the sun1. Calmanelle™ Shield Complex is made up of FeverFew PFE™ and a gentle soothing agent.
The newly formulated PIZ BUIN® Allergy range consists of lotions and sprays which come in SPF15, 30, 50 and 50+. The range also has two facial creams which come in SPF 30 and 50+ as well as a hydrating After Sun lotion.
So with this glorious weather upon us and plenty of outdoor partying on the horizon (especially this weekend!) don’t forget to protect skin from the powerful sun rays and still have fun in the sun thanks to PIZ BUIN®.

Camp to Glamp - Glastonbury Voted the Smelliest Festival!!

Festivals are fast approaching and with many groups opting to go ‘glamping’, festival fumes are out of the window and fragrant fans are top of the bill.
A poll of 3,000 festival goers revealed that Glastonbury is the worst smelling gig in the festival calendar according to a survey commissioned by The Perfume Shop.
More than 78 per cent of people who have attended Glastonbury named the toilets as the worst smell, while another 35 per cent found fellow campers body odour less than fragrant. Another 30 per cent struggle with the smell of the rubbish created by the 170,000 music fans.

Second place went to the Reading Festival, where 16 per cent of people admitted they didn’t wash at all over the three-day event. Researchers found that the average festival fan washes just twice during their stay, team this with 35 per cent of people disgusted by the body odour from fellow festival-goers and you have a number of unhappy campers!
More than one in five also wear the same clothes for the entire duration of the festival, with more than one in ten not bothering to use any deodorant – instead, 54 per cent rely on body spray or perfume to mask the smell.

Many campers look for a quick fix, with 38 per cent of those simply using baby wipes to freshen up and more than 15 per cent of people buying a fragrance especially to use at the festival. The new glamping trend has resulted in a mini beauty regime that is both fabulous and festival friendly. The Perfume Shop’s Festival Travalo is the perfect marriage between style and substance, the flower power patterned portable pocket perfume atomizer packs a punch with aircraft grade aluminim and handy neck strap as well as 50 sprays of your favourite scent. The Festival Travalo is available mid-July.

A spokesperson from The Perfume Shop, which carried out the study said; “Everyone knows that festivals are the perfect place to let your hair down but often day-to-day grooming goes amiss. Glastonbury is particularly notorious for its bad smells from festival-goers who go days without washing. With so many people crowded into a small area, it’s inevitable that there are going to be some less-than-pleasant smells lingering, especially if you get lucky and the sun puts in an appearance. But I’m sure many fans would say the festival wouldn’t be the same without the bad smells. However, today’s ‘I can have everything’ mentality means campers can be both glamorous and grunge all at once.
The Perfume Shop Festival Travalo is the perfect accessory for providing your favourite fragrance on the go without the worry of losing a full bottle or taking up precious pace.”
Heavy metal extravaganza Download took third place in the smelliest festival poll, with more than one in ten admitting to not bothering with deodorant. Dance event Creamfields and the Isle of Wight festival completed the top five.

The Big Chill was named as the cleanest and nicest smelling event of the year with just 21 per cent complaining about the rubbish. More than a quarter of people who have experienced the event also reckon it has the best showers and toilets of all the UK festivals. Second place went to Bestival, followed by the O2 Wireless Festival, V-Fest and Global Gathering. However, two thirds say the bad smells wouldn’t ever put them off going to a music festival, with half believing the odours help the atmosphere at the event.

Smelliest festivals
1. Glastonbury
2. Reading
3. Download
4. Creamfields
5. Isle of Wight festival

Least smelly festivals
1. The Big Chill
2. Bestival
3. O2 Wireless Festival
4. V-Fest
5. Global Gathering

Steel vs Spree - Love Your Skin Body Balm

Us girls are always on the look out for a bargain so I thought I should really include this fab product that dropped by today, they're so confident about it they're happy to play it directly against Benefit's version...
Spa ParadisaTM Love your Skin, passion fruit body balm (£10) OR BenefitTM Bathina body balm (£22.50).???!!!
Gorgeous, glowing skin is just a stroke away thanks to the sensuously fragranced Love your Skin body balm from Spa Paradisa.
Bare your skin confidently this summer with this delicious body balm to give skin a divine, luminous shine. Its exotic passion fruit fragrance lets your mind, body and soul escape to a far off tropical paradise, without leaving the comfort of your own home.
With designer doubles like this, why pay twice the price?
The complete Spa Paradisa™ range is available from Debenhams.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Royal Ascot Glamour

I've been scanning through the all pics from Royal Ascot this week, amazing hats, beautiful couture & all preened to perfection as the ladies gathered for their annual fashion parade, anyway I've put a few of my favourites below -

Firstly Emmerdale's Roxanne Pallett looks fabulous in this cream number, after having to change as her first outfit choice lead to her being turned away by the stewards for being too short! Make-up looks great too with smouldering smokey eyes!

Next up Princess Beatrice & Eugenie sported some fabulous millinery! The girls opted for a fresh make-up look as always.

Style icon Joan Collins looked every inch the movie star she's always been with her beautiful hat & the dynasty style puffed shoulders work a treat! Although the lip liner could do with a little more care I think...!

Snow Queen in the middle of summer perhaps with this one, naval fantastic for presenter Suzi Perry!

Now on the down right wacky & ridiculous, although Ascot wouldn't be the same without them & I think this one is pretty cute!

Stay Fresh Faced This Festival Season With Johnson's Baby Wipes

Don’t let the mud and mayhem of this year’s festivals cause havoc to your beauty regime!

If the thought of communal showers is too much, you don’t have to let your skin care routine go out the tent window. Planning your essential festival beauty kit and choosing multi tasking products such as JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare Wipes, a favourite with celebrities including Fearne Cotton, Estelle and Victoria Beckham, will keep you looking like a festival princess this season.
Used as a cleanser to gently remove make up (and mud!) or on your body to keep you smelling babyfresh, the unique softwave fabric enriched with baby lotion and NO MORE TEARS® formula means JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare Wipes are gentle enough to use on even the most delicate skin. Our purest ever formula is as mild as pure water to skin and eyes and leaves skin softer than water alone.
Fearne Cotton is a festival junkie and has perfected the art of looking good in front on the camera come rain or shine. Her secret to looking good while presenting at this year’s Glastonbury and iTunes festivals - JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare Wipes! “The cheapest and most brilliant invention are JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare Wipes,” she says. “I carry them with me everywhere. They take your make-up off and moisturise simultaneously, and even better, if you’re at a festival or a gig they double up as an instant shower.”
Fearne’s not the only celeb who keeps JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare Wipes at hand. Singer Estelle is also a big fan, and uses them to keep her looking fresh on the festival circuit. She says, “When I need to get everything off my skin, I use JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare Wipes. Don’t give me wipes with chemicals in – I just need something pure. Those things are the best things on the planet. They don’t sell them in America, so I OD on them when I’m home.”

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Spring / Summer '10 Hair Trend: The Pin-Up - Sam McKnight for Pantene Pro-V

Pantene Pro-V Global Ambassador, Sam McKnight’s Step by Step Guide to Get the Look:
Step 1:
Work no more than a golf ball-sized amount of Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Mousse through towel-dried hair to protect from heat-styling and improve hold. Blow-dry with a round bristle brush to smooth the hair a little – drying with a bristle brush gives hair the right texture.
Step 2:
Section hair into two parts, the front section from the back of the ear up to the crown and straight down to the other ear. Secure this section with a clip or pins. Gather the remaining hair at the back and sweep up into a high ponytail secured at the crown with a hair bungee or snag-free elastic band.
Step 3:
Gently backcomb the front section at the roots to create volume and texture, then brush back, leaving short layers to fall around the face. Gather around the base of the ponytail, securing with pins.
Step 4:

Section the ponytail and backcomb each section at the roots, spritzing lightly with Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Hairspray as each section is finished. Brush lightly over the surface of the ponytail to smooth it, using a soft bristle brush. Mist over with a little hairspray.
Step 5:
Taking the end of the ponytail, loop it under, securing the end just under the base of the ponytail with strong hair grips. Then using the thumb and forefinger hold the loop of hair and pull it gently towards the front of the head, securing in this forward position with strong grips, to position the loop high on the crown. Leave the hair to fall naturally into a soft up do.
Sam McKnight’s Top Tip: “For maximum elegance, placement of the ponytail is critical. When positioned at the crown of the head, and in line with the jaw, adds that ballerina elegance.”

Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo (rrp. £2.19)
Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Conditioner (rrp. £2.19)
Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Mousse (rrp. £2.99)
Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Hairspray (rrp. £2.99)

ARK De-Stress SkinResponse Serum - Cool, Calm, and Collected, Whatever The Situation!

We all know how stressful life can be; juggling health, friends, family and work alongside mini disasters! However, not all of us realize the full impact of these conflicting pressures upon our skin. ARK’s De-Stress SkinResponse Serum is a calming, quickly absorbed serum that gets to work as soon as it hits the skin. Containing enzyme complex CellActive – VIP and Boerhavia Diffusa root, it instantly reduces the visible signs of stress on the skin, and in turn diminishes the look of fatigue. It reinforces the skins moisture levels to protect it from pollution, the environmental forces, and most importantly, lifestyle pressures.
Apply 2 to 3 drops of the serum directly to your face. The serum is instantly absorbed and makes your skin feel cool and moisturised.
As we become more stressed, our levels of cortisone increase making our skin more reactive to external factors. ARK De-Stress Serum works by controlling the body’s release of histamine, and therefore liberating skin allergens while maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier.
This serum is ideal for people who suffer from increased levels of stress and want to reduce the appearance of inflamed, irritated, or dry skin. It is also perfect for people who spend long periods of time outside; exposed to the elements, and those who suffer from hay fever. This serum works really well as an alternative, or in conjunction with anti-histamine medication, alleviating red eyes, reducing sneezing, and easing itchy throats.
For best results use along side the ARK SkinResponse system appropriate to your age.
Ark De-Stress SkinResponse Serum £34 for 30ml
Available online and at Ark centres in Wimbledon, Putney and Fulham t: 020 7938 1898

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Functionalab Launches Exclusively At Harvey Nichols

Functionalab has just launched at Harvey Nichols & is one of the most highly anticipated brands to be exclusive to their beauty department only.
As they say themselves - 'Functionalab is an innovative and premium brand of science-based supplement solutions promoting a holistic approach to beauty, health and nutrition. Recognised as a "beauty innovator" by Wallpaper* magazine and supported by scientific research, this is the brand for truly effective results.'

The Range is made of the following 4 product types:

Beauty Doses: potent supplements targeted at various beauty objectives as well as one advanced multi-vitamins for the face and body.
Personalised Packs: complete and personalised nutritional supplement solutions in daily packets that combine the perfect assortment of nutrients
Liquid Doses: a line of convenient, concentrated drinkable supplements in three effective nutrient blends.
Health Drops: concentrated, water-soluble supplement drops that can be squeezed into your water or favourite beverage anytime.

With over 100 products in its range, Functionalab is the most comprehensive brand of its kind - offering a 100% natural solution to today's most prevalent beauty objections and conditions.

Lily Cole's Make-Up Tips

Check out the Video Below from Gatwick's Fabulous 'Runway Models' in association with Storm Management, fronted by Lily Cole it will feature supermodel hopefuls on their quest to win a new faces contract with Storm & feature in London Gatwtick Fashion Week this summer.
The video below features a shoot with Lily's Make-Up Artist Niamh Quinn, giving us some top celebrity make-up artist tips, a must see!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Johnson's New 24 Hour Moisture Shea & Cocoa Range

Johnson's new 24 Hour Moisture body care range now has a new addition, the delicious Shea & Cocoa Butter, giving you all of Johnson's fabulous moisture benefits but with a new delicious scent that is truly good enough to eat!
There are 3 products to the range, firstly my favourite which is the 24Hour Moisture Radiance Body Wash, a think creamy wash that moisturises your skin beautifully & feels like warm silk as you wash! Another fabulous addition is their first exfoliator which as goes along with the Johnson's name is gentle on the skin as it removes any surface dead skin leaving it looking radiant! Your skin feels beautifully smooth afterwards with both products & the scent gives a lovely fresh finish.
The Body Lotion is fanatstic to apply afterwards & absorbs really well into the skin, leaving a velvet finsh & gorgeous scent! Definitely a winner all round & I can see them being a huge hit this summer!!!
Currently on offer in Boots from £1.49.

Hair Free For Summer With Veet!

Hair removal just gets easier & easier, gone are the days where we just had a small razor to scratch along our legs or smear cream everywhere & wait around forever & a day! Now these methods of hair removal are so advanced & easy to use, making the whole thing a doddle!! I'm loving Veets spray on hair removal cream, just literally spray it on & wait 5 mins before hopping into the shower, easy as 1,2,3!!!! They have two formulas as well, one for Dry Skin with Shea Butter & another for Sensitive Skin with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. The product is also great for the bikini area as well as underarms & just makes the whole process of using a cream much cleaner, easier & quicker, definitely worth a try!
Available Nationwide From £5.94
Another great invention we have these days is ready to use wax strips, perfect for that quick de-fuzzing before hitting the beach! Veet's Supreme Essence Wax Strips with Velvet Rose & Essential Oils not only keep your skin smooth for up to four weeks but also moisturise as you wax. Just simply heat the strips between your hands, peel it apart & apply to the skin in the direction of your hair growth. Best way to remove the strip is quick & sharp, making sure you hold the skin taught underneath the strip itself which avoids too much discomfort. Once you get going with this the pain doesn't feel too bad (honest!!), also these strips are that little bit gentler with the built in moisturiser, as the dryer the skin the more painful generally..
Available Nationwide From 4.99

Friday, 4 June 2010

A stroke Above The Rest – Cosmopolitan Beauty Brushes

Perfection is now even more within our reach thanks to Cosmopolitan’s TM new, improved range of fabulous cosmetic brushes and beauty accessories.
This desirable collection of products, created by the beauty team experts from the world’s number one glossy magazine, offers everything a girl could need to help achieve that flawless finish. And with their brand new look and upgraded products they are sure to be the must-have range for every make-up bag.
Take for example the Perfect Finish Powder Brush (RRP £5.95), an ultra soft brush made with natural hair for application of all types of powder, no girl should be without one.
Or, the oh-so-handy Perfect Finish Retractable Blush Brush (RRP £6.95), a staple for any handbag to achieve gorgeously glowing cheeks. Plus its protective case will keep the brush clean and in top condition.
For airbrushed looking skin try the Perfect Finish Foundation Brush (RRP £6.95). Made with synthetic hair this clever brush gives even application of foundation and makes blending a breeze.
Or, if it’s the mineral powder route you are leaning towards, then the Perfect Finish Kabuki Brush (RRP £6.95) is for you. This cute little brush with tightly packed hair means you can apply even the finest of powders in one clean sweep, plus it comes in its own travel case for on-the-go touch ups.
The Cosmopolitan™ Beauty Accessories range includes 21 products covering make-up brushes, false nails, make-up sponges and beauty essentials. Stockists: Superdrug, Tesco and Debenhams. For more information visit

Cheryl Cole's Beauty Secret Bargain!

More celebrity beauty secrets straight from the high street shelves with Cheryl Cole admitting that she still loves her old favourite L'Oreal Pure Zone Face Wash & has been using it for years to keep her gorgeous complexion looking perfect!! Cheryl wears a lot of heavy make-up & finds that the face wash is perfect for removing all traces in an instant. So at £3.89 you even get change from a £5 note, not bad for a celebrity must have product!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Summer Must-Haves From YSL!!!!!

The first roll-on eye care by Yves Saint Laurent that wakes up tired eyes in a click. Deliciously fresh, this ultra-light emulsion reduces signs of fatigue in a flash and smoothes the entire eye contour area. Perfectly primed for make-up, the eyes reveal a bright new look.
The eye contour is clearly the most vulnerable zone where fatigue and stress hits first. Flash Touch – Wake-up Eyecare offers an instant recovery action for stressed out eyes. It’s a must-have backstage and on shoots requiring an early morning wake-up call. It’s fantastic when used prior to Touche Eclat to revive and bring some radiance to the eye area.
The high-performance formula of Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare is brimming with a plant complex rich in arnica that stimulates micro-circulation, decongests under-eye puffiness and helps erase dark circles. Silver linden tree buds extract sheathes and moisturizes as it smoothes out dehydration lines and the eye contour. Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare also contains correcting pigments with a rosy tone to reflect and diffuse the light, visibly softening shady zones. The eye contour is instantly unified and bright. All traces of fatigue vanish.
In a single click, Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare delivers the right dose for each eye. The ultra-cool roll-on applicator acts in perfect synergy with the formula. It boosts the efficiency of the active ingredients and provides a smoothing, stimulating massage to help banish under-eye puffiness and dark circles, while priming the eyes for make-up.
The best technique? Gently smooth on the eye contour area and eyelids from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes. Then lightly massage crow’s feet in small circular movements. Finish with a few gentle presses from the inner corner of the eye outwards to enhance the draining, decongesting effect. An addictive ritual: in less than a minute tired eyes are transformed.
Application is easy anytime, anywhere with the convenient nomad click & roll pen format. Keep it in your handbag for an instantly refreshed look whenever you start looking tired.
Energize with Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare, illuminate with Touche Eclat, and dramatize your lashes with Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical. Yves Saint Laurent makes intense and bewitching eyes as easy as one, two, three.
£24.99 Each - Available Nationwide

The legendary Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils has metamorphosized into a dangerous weapon of seduction. Now eyelashes are sheathed in radical black for dangerously intense, magnetic eyes….
BLACK - The signature colour of Yves Saint Laurent, black reveals its intonations and intentions in a host of YSL iconic creations.
Dense, powerful, exalted black, Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils now reveals unique depths thanks to intense mineral pigments and a triple film complex for -
Breathtaking volume: a coating film thickens each lash to create spectacular effects
Gorgeous curl: a conditioning film sheathes the lashes without clumping to maximise the curling effect of the brush
Extra long hold: a stabilizing film forms an invisible, vinyl polymer shield that maintains the colour without stiffening the lashes, and boosts its lasting qualities.
A complex of bio-active sugars of plant origin with pro-vitamin B5 forms a moisture-preserving barrier on the lashes to more effectively protect them.
‘Place the brush against the lash line and draw upwards in a zigzag stroke to thoroughly coat each lash. And don’t forget to brush lightly on the lower lashes! Then apply light pressure on the upper lashes with a finger or the brush to enhance the curling effect.” - Yannick Vaudry, International Make-Up Artist for Yves Saint Laurent.
Stylize. Outline. Shape. Shade … Yves Saint Laurent transforms the eyes in a single step. Like a ribbon of silk, color glides on the eyes, blends and defines in a pencil stroke.
£21.50 Each - Available Nationwide

An eye pencil sheathed in sleek lacquer. A supple, versatile tool that lends itself to multiple uses – kohl, eyeliner or eye shadow – and produces a variety of liner effects: from a perfect, precise line to a soft halo.
A “wardrobe” of 12 luminous shades, 6 soft colors to illuminate the eyes and 6 intense hues to shade them. From timeless black to fashionable “ready-to-wear” shades.
Finished in black lacquer and belted with a ring of the specific shade, each pencil is equipped with two tips and an applicator-blender.
A formula saturated in pigments for intense color that stays true for hours and hours. An innovative, exceptional glide-on texture that combines comfort and ultra-long hold.
Thanks to the cutting-edge manufacturing process (High Temperature Technology), the color cores are extruded under high heat. It ensures the incorporation of an exceptionally large percentage of pigments – which is not the case with a classic extrusion method. This process also gives the pencils excellent stability. Adhesive waxes “seal in” the color for impeccable hold. It stays put and never runs & Jojoba oil adds comfort and creaminess.
£17.00 Each - Available Nationwide

Energize with Flash Touch - Wake-Up Eyecare, illuminate with Touche Eclat, and dramatize your lashes with Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical. Yves Saint Laurent makes intense and bewitching eyes as easy as one, two, three!!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Kylie's New Beauty Secret - Ponds Cream Cleanser

There is no denying that Kylie looks fabulous at 41 & now that she has finally decided to ditch the Botox she is looking even better & there's nothing more fabulous than natural beauty itself! Kylie says herself - "Yes I've used Botox, but not anymore. I'm embracing my age and now my only secret is Pond's Cream. It's really changed my Skin. I use it every day & it's all I really use to look after my skin."
This is a beauty secret that has been passed down from mother to daughter over the generations, Ponds Cream Cleanser is a versatile cream that deeply cleanses & moisturises for smooth supple skin. One of the best things about this fantastic beauty secret is the price, £3.99!! Celebrity beauty without the price tag! Available Nationwide from Boots, Superdrug & Lloyds.