Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Latest Make-Up Trends From Paris Fashion Week - Jan 2010

The latest Spring/Summer season's Make-Up Trends at Paris Fashion Week has been all about eyes & lips with a 'Pale & Interesting' theme certainly a popular style! At Dior (John Galliano) with Make-Up Artist Pat McGrath it was all very 19th century inspired with big hair, perfect cupid bows & arched brows (Featured Above). All the shows from Givenchy to Chanel seemed to have the same thing in common - porcelain skin with a high matte finish & a rich colour to the eyes & lips. So if these trends are anything to go by, we'll all be tucking our bronzer away this summer!

Check out some more Pics from the Runways this week -

Givenchy - Going for stark gothic eyes matched with blood red lips, the pale base gives a ghostly effect on the runway.

Dior - Pale complexions with bold eyes & lips give the period style to the make-up

Stephane Rolland - Again similar to Givenchy the make-up gives a very intense gothic look on the eyes & lips.

Chanel - A much softer & wearable version of the porcelain look, the eyes are defined & lips perfectly painted to stand out Also nails are painted in metallic silver, definitely a shade to watch out for this year!

Megan Fox attends Paris Fashion Week & takes on the porcelain trend herself is classic Hollywood vintage style!

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