Friday, 12 November 2010

New Neutrogena Multi-Defence Range

The environment can affect the skin in many ways. UV exposure has always been classed as the primary cause of skin damage; however recent research shows that UV is not the only culprit.
Our skin is in fact exposed to a number of different environmental aggressors on a daily basis. The five key environmental aggressors that damage our skin are: sun, pollution, cold, heat and wind. Research shows that up to 80% of skin ageing and damage can be caused by these aggressors[1] and that when these aggressors are combined the damage to skin is increased.

Introducing the NEW Neutrogena® Multi-Defence™ Range

This brand new range is the first daily moisturising range from Neutrogena® that provides all round skin protection against the damaging effects of the everyday environment. Neutrogena® has carefully selected key ingredients to form a brand new breakthrough technology, PROT-AOX™. This active defence system uses an innovative fusion of effective ingredients including Moringa seed, Yerba Maté (Brazilian green tea), and antioxidants vitamins C and E which help to enhance the skin’s natural defences2 to protect it from the the five daily major aggressors. Leaving skin looking beautifully healthy.

The range

The Multi-Defence™ range includes three daily moisturisers which go beyond hydration to help address the needs of different skin types. The Daily Moisturiser for all skin types contains SPF25 and includes PROT-AOX™ to protect against the five environmental aggressors .There are two other Daily Moisturiser’s in the Multi-Defence™ range: the Daily Moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin and the Daily Moisturiser for normal to combination skin, both of which contain SPF15 and go beyond hydration to help address the needs of different skin types. Each daily moisturiser is fragrance free and has been proven to help strengthen the skin’s natural defences2 , keeping skin nourished and hydrated all day long.

The range also includes Gentle Purifying Wipes which are enriched with a combination of anti-oxidants and remove traces of dirt and make-up to leave skin feeling clean and fresh whilst the Gentle Purifying Scrub protects skin whilst lifting away all traces of dirt, pollution and make-up . The Multi-Defence™ Night Moisturiser is designed to help skin recover from the day’s environmental aggressors and strengthen natural defences every night so that you can wake up with radiant skin everyday.