Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Trends - A Line Too Far..?????!!!

Now I'm all for experimenting & trying something new, rules are made to broken, but with this look I think it's just all gone a bit too far...!!! Great as a one off statement for the catwalk but surely we all have to agree this is NOT a wearable look, well according to our style gurus at Vogue 'The Horizonal Line' is the new spin on the classic eyeliner look! Maybe one horizontal stroke of liner that is taking us away from the classic style is one thing but a collection of black scratches is another! This 'liner landscaping' is apparently the new way to go with liner, with random slashed lines across both the top & bottom lash lines as well as underneath the eye. I'm sure there are other slightly more wearable ways to opt for with this odd style but over all I think it's just setting us up to make a down right mess! Stick to the classic methods for eyeliner I say which is actually on the lash lines themselves!