Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Johnson's New 24 Hour Moisture Shea & Cocoa Range

Johnson's new 24 Hour Moisture body care range now has a new addition, the delicious Shea & Cocoa Butter, giving you all of Johnson's fabulous moisture benefits but with a new delicious scent that is truly good enough to eat!
There are 3 products to the range, firstly my favourite which is the 24Hour Moisture Radiance Body Wash, a think creamy wash that moisturises your skin beautifully & feels like warm silk as you wash! Another fabulous addition is their first exfoliator which as goes along with the Johnson's name is gentle on the skin as it removes any surface dead skin leaving it looking radiant! Your skin feels beautifully smooth afterwards with both products & the scent gives a lovely fresh finish.
The Body Lotion is fanatstic to apply afterwards & absorbs really well into the skin, leaving a velvet finsh & gorgeous scent! Definitely a winner all round & I can see them being a huge hit this summer!!!
Currently on offer in Boots from £1.49.

Hair Free For Summer With Veet!

Hair removal just gets easier & easier, gone are the days where we just had a small razor to scratch along our legs or smear cream everywhere & wait around forever & a day! Now these methods of hair removal are so advanced & easy to use, making the whole thing a doddle!! I'm loving Veets spray on hair removal cream, just literally spray it on & wait 5 mins before hopping into the shower, easy as 1,2,3!!!! They have two formulas as well, one for Dry Skin with Shea Butter & another for Sensitive Skin with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. The product is also great for the bikini area as well as underarms & just makes the whole process of using a cream much cleaner, easier & quicker, definitely worth a try!
Available Nationwide From £5.94
Another great invention we have these days is ready to use wax strips, perfect for that quick de-fuzzing before hitting the beach! Veet's Supreme Essence Wax Strips with Velvet Rose & Essential Oils not only keep your skin smooth for up to four weeks but also moisturise as you wax. Just simply heat the strips between your hands, peel it apart & apply to the skin in the direction of your hair growth. Best way to remove the strip is quick & sharp, making sure you hold the skin taught underneath the strip itself which avoids too much discomfort. Once you get going with this the pain doesn't feel too bad (honest!!), also these strips are that little bit gentler with the built in moisturiser, as the dryer the skin the more painful generally..
Available Nationwide From 4.99