Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Slendertone Face (A Face Lift From The Inside Out!) - 12 Week Trial!

Prevention is always better than cure in my opinion & to be honest I really never want to go down that ant-ageing road of 'botox' & 'fillers' or worse still the full on 'facelift!! I've seen far too many attractive women become 'plastic dolls' at the hands of these so called wonder injections & treatments... Which is why I'm so excited about trialing 'Slendertone Face', it's a known fact that the sagging of muscles in the face are what really starts to age us & unfortunately these muscles are generally under used. The muscles in the face are also unique in the way that they are connected to the skin & when these muscles start to waste they can no longer support the skin in the way they used to, so the face will 'sag' & wrinkles are more likely to appear. So by toning the muscles & keeping out faces in 'shape' like we do with our bodies at the gym, we can keep the face structure firm & plump with out the aid of any unnatural enhancers!!!
Slendertone retrains the facial muscles by using electronic stimulation which will mean the muscles are excerised hundreds of times in just one session. The device is basically a Head Set that will sit around the back of the head & placed at the either side of the face with pads in contact with the skin (gel pads are used to protect the skin), you can then choose on the Unit the duration of the treatment you would like to go for as well as the intensity, there are 3 programmes, 1 - Lift To firm & lift the face, 2 - Radiance To increase blood flow to the facial area giving you a healthy glow (great for night out!!) & finally 3 - Massage To sooth & relax.
It is advised that used over a 12 week period for 20 Minutes a day 5 days a week, a significant difference can be seen in the over all muscle tone in the face, restoring the youthful shape to your face.
So I have charged my unit & I'm ready to go, I'll be reporting back over the next 12 weeks on how I get on & if indeed it is preventative cure to the old face lift & botox, which I'm very hopeful it is!!!

Sex And The City - Get Carried Away With Wahanda!

Get the look of your favourite Sex & the City girl through in time for this week’s SATC2 release! Thanks to Wahanda’s exclusive offers and unbeatably low deals, your SATC make over will cost a fraction of the usual price – so get Carried away…

Known for her big hair and love of shoes, we salute Carrie’s style through and through. Get her look with a celebrity haircut and finish with Michael Barnes Hairdressing – artistic director to the stars, including Keira Knightley and Lily Cole. Prices start from £19.80 – 40% saving.

With an infamous passion for shoes, Carrie’s feet won’t know the meaning of ‘day off’. Make sure your feet look as gorgeous with Pacifica Day Spa’s 25% exclusive offer on all treatments including pedicures through Prices start from £11.25 – 25% off.

Ever the pristine princess, Charlotte always manages to look gorgeous without making us hate her. Well, perhaps a little bit…now you too can get her immaculate complexion with a free Skin Assessment and Mini Facial at Ark Skincare centres in London – a saving of £25 thanks to Wahanda!
It is clear Charlotte loves to run, but keeping fit alone can be hard. Why not treat yourself to your own personal trainer with The Bankside Health Club’s free 3 day trial for you and a friend, which includes over 50 fitness classes, gym and personal training.

She may be the oldest member of the gang but Ms Jones is never one to shy away from her body. Dance your way to a more confident you with the sexiest of dances – Salsa. Through Wahanda book a beginner’s class at one of London’s City Academies, with a 50% discount – just £5!

Keep your figure in tip top condition like Samantha’s with three luxurious body treatments rolled into one, including a full body exfoliation, a relaxing massage with essential oils, plus a specific mask/wrap, all for £68 – a saving of 20%, available at the Chelsea Day Spa.

Even cynical mother of one Miranda manages to look stylish and stunning…most of the time. Remember that bikini incident in SATC 1? Ensure ‘that’ holiday blip doesn’t happen to you with 20% off all waxing on your first visit to Hydrohealing in Notting Hill, courtesy of Wahanda. Prices start from £10.

Even though Miranda holds down a full time job and baby Brady, she shows it’s possible to do it all and still find time to unwind with her girls. Treat yourself and a friend to a proper two for one pamper day at any one of Bannatyne Spas nationwide, which includes a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a scalp massage, for just £59 – 50% saving!

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Max Factor Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Caroline Barnes, Shares Her Top Summer Make-Up Tips!

1. Spring clean your make-up bag. It gives a whole new outlook and adding new colour to your make-up bag instantly updates and refreshes your look. Plus, it’s a good feeling to get rid of the greys and browns from the winter and inject pastels on to your lids and bright pinks and corals onto your lips ready for the sun. The key? Don’t overdo it - focus on just one feature to wear your colour but experiment with pastels and translucent shades to vary your look.

2. As we get older our skin loses its natural vibrancy so adding colour to your cheeks gives an instant pick-me-up and freshness to your look. Pink tones give a healthy hue and are perfect to put the feel of summer into your complexion. Caramel tones add warmth and softness. For a natural feel, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks or for something more sophisticated apply along the top of your cheekbones.

3. When attending a special summer occasion with a new dress don't be tempted to have lilac eyes just to match. This can instantly date your look and it doesn't work for everyone. Instead inject colour into eyes with beautiful tonal make-up. For example, make-up your eyes as you normally would and then just add a hint of colour to your lids with a shadow or pencil. This way you will feel confident that you have the best eye shape and a hint of colour to compliment your look.

4. After many years of celebrating the natural look, we are all scared of introducing colour back into out make-up. When the seasons change it somehow feels refreshing to get rid of your winter shades and feel fresh and new with summer shades. We can feel a bit shy of being different and it’s such a shame, as a bright pink lip can really boost your confidence and light up your eyes instantly. Why not experiment with using a lip liner with a clear gloss, a stain or a bright gloss with a hint of colour. Take baby steps so the shock isn't too sudden, and you will soon love how easy it is to simply change your make-up by just adding a hint of colour.

5. Bronzer is now an all year round must. The textures are so sheer that is makes it totally wearable for every season. The big mistake people make is to colour their whole face with a big round brush. Instead use a blusher brush to shape and contour your face. This leaves the front panel of your face lighter and the subtle effects are amazing.

Avoiding The Dreaded 'Trout Pout'!!!

Luscious lips like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Garner are constantly sought after, but rarely duplicated (as Paris shows so well here!). In the pursuit of the perfect pucker, plastic surgeons have introduced countless injections, treatments and even implants to create instant volume.
Unfortunately for most, puffy lips usually do not look natural and can cause some to be labeled as a “trout pout”!!!

According to Las Vegas oculo-facial plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint, “creating natural-looking volume in the lips is an art form.” Dr. Myint notes the technique and experience needed to create perfectly bee-stung lips is something learned over many years. Below, he points out his top recommendations for anyone looking to achieve fuller-looking lips.

1 - Proportions are crucial. Nearly all lips have a similar proportion – the bottom lip should be at least twice the size of the top. A perfectly even set of lips are a “dead giveaway to those wondering if you’ve had work done,” says Dr. Myint.

2 - LESS is more. Your mouth is one of your face’s defining characteristics. Dr. Myint suggests being as conservative as possible in the first stages of lip enhancement. While other plastic surgery procedures might be more easily concealed, lips that go from thin to oversized overnight are not easily overlooked.

3 - Know when to say NO. “Almost all lip enhancements are temporary,” says Dr. Myint, “so you will lose the volume after several months. One of the problems with this is lip enhancement can become a slippery slope. Most patients want to go larger than before, and don’t know when to stop.” By staying conservative with every round of enhancements, you can create subtle volume that doesn’t look cartoonish.

4 - Be prepared for downtime. The lips are a very sensitive part of your face, notes Dr. Myint. Any kind of injection will cause them to swell beyond just the filler. Most swelling goes away in a few days time, but for first-timers, the extra volume can be scary. If you are determined to hide your new work, schedule some time off of work or away from friends to allow your injections to heal completely.
5 - Refer to your youth. The lips, like other parts of the face, lose volume as you age. Looking at any movie star over the age of 40 whose lips are larger than they were when they are 20, Dr. Myint knows they have had an enhancement. “The key is to return youthful volume to the lips. We cannot double or triple the size of your lips beyond what you originally had, otherwise the look becomes unnatural.”

Dr Myints Website -

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Dr.Hauschka Celebrates Award

Dr.Hauschka adds to its hall of fame and wins ‘Best Natural Brand’ in the Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2010.

Beating other green brands to take the top accolade, Dr.Hauschka was described as ‘one of the hottest brands to flaunt right now’ - fitting praise for the brand, whose efficacious, natural and considered formulations have garnered a cult following.

This prestigious award echoes further awards won in the past year, including ‘Best Mascara’ and ‘Cleansing Face Mask’ in the Natural Health and Beauty Awards, and no less than 11 wins in the renowned Green Beauty Bible.

For more than 40 years, Dr.Hauschka has been one of the original and leading ethical and organic beauty brands and a benchmark in the green skincare market, incorporating naturally and biodynamically grown ingredients. The Rose Day Cream was a sell-out success eclipsing other favoured brands of the time and created a loyal and dedicated fan base.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Gemma Arterton - Get The Look

My favourite look this month has to be Gemma Arterton at the London premier of her new movie 'Prince of Persia - The Sands Of Time'. It is the perfect example of how simplicity can give that striking vintage glam look!
Get her look by keeping it 'simple' as I mentioned, go for a light but matte base that gives a porcelain finish, opt for 'Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation'.
For the eyes, use a nude eyeshadow to blend over the lids, try Mac's eyeshadow "Shroom', then take a small amount of liquid liner right in at the lash line to define the eyes but leave the bottom lash line free of liner to keep the look light & fresh.
With the cheeks, you just want to contour the shape & give a little warmth to the complexion, try Bobbi Brown's bester seller 'Bronze Shimmer Brick' & sweep over the cheek bones.
For the final & probably the most important part of the look apply your siren red lips! Red lipstick always needs to be approached with care, the wrong shade for your skin tone can be a disaster! If you are fair like Gemma herself then opt for blue toned reds, almost with a hint of pink/crimson in them, if you have a warm complexion then go for a warmer red as well with a hint of orange or gold through it. For fair skin opt for Mac's 'Ruby Woo' Lipstick & for darker skin try out Mac's "Lady Bug' shade. To get the matte finish to the lips that is very popular with this vintage style, apply some foundation to your lips & blot, then apply two coats of the lipstick, blotting after each & you will get a velvet perfect finish. Also use a lip liner to perfect the shape & always use a lip brush when applying the colour as it it go on a lot more evenly as well as staying put for longer.

Just About To Launch - Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash

Look out for Neutrogena's new Visibly Clear face products due out here in the UK this summer, firstly 'Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash'. I have been lucky enough to sample some of this facial wash over the last week & as I am already a huge fan of Neutrogena's products I have to say wasn't disappointed! First of all it smells good enough eat, which is unusual in a face wash like this, we spend so much time buying sweet smelling body washes but make do without it for our faces, so now you can get that deep cleanse as well as a refreshing gorgeous scent at the same time!
The Neutrogena Visibly Pink Grapefruit range consists of two products over all, the Facial Wash as well as 'Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub. Using both together in your beauty routine, they will work perfectly together to clear your skin of blemishes, blackheads & excess oil, leaving you with a radiant complexion!
The range contains MicroClear Technology which allows the spot fighting ingredients to penetrate further into the skin to treat any outbreaks at their core. The pink grapefruit scent is refreshing & makes a nice change from the usual medicinal scents that come with this kind of facial wash, maing it a real enjoyable treat!
Available from July, Priced at £4.99.

Friday, 14 May 2010

24 Hour Moisture Range From Johnson's

Dry skin no more & instead say hello to gorgeous hydrated smooth skin that is soft as a baby's!!! Johnson's new formulated range for Hand & Body moisturises the skin for 24 hours so even after the initial application it keeps on working to make sure your skin is noticeably softer & smoother all day long. Packed full of natural moisturisers & skin conditioners it is easily absorbed, getting to work straight away to nurture & care for your skin. Available in 24 Hour Moisture Extra-Rich Body Lotion - With A Drop Of Oil For Dry Skin, as well as for Normal Skin with Vitamin E, the lotion is light on the skin & instantly leaves a smooth texture & the great thing is that no greasy residue is left at all, just soft great smelling skin!
For very dry skin in need of urgent repair there is 24 Hour Moisture Body Cream with Shea Butter, this cream is a lot denser than the lotion obviously & gives a far more intense hydration, excellent for a quick fix to dry skin anywhere.
As if that wasn't enough you can capture all the moisturising effects of in the Johnson's '24 Hour Moisture Bodywash', intense moisturising while in the shower every day! The bodywash combines skin conditioners & moisturisers to help reduce skin tightness as well as flakiness. This product is great for any skin type really & leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth, also it is fantastic for using when using a razor on your legs & underarms as it helps to protect your skin against shaving rash or any dryness.
All products have the wonderful Johnson's scent as well a their legendary moisture benefits to your skin but now of course with the added benefit of 24 hours worth of protection!
Also there are some free JOHNSON'S 24 hour Moisture Body Lotion’s up for grabs to anyone who can prove they’ve been a real softie lately. So whether you’ve given a friend a bunch of daffs, gone shopping for a neighbour or simply let someone close know you love them - JOHNSON’S are encouraging women to shout about it online! All you need to do is log onto the JOHNSON’S website to see what acts of softness JOHNSON’S® have rewarded so far and share their own.... Click Here

Get Hair Free For Summer - Braun Silk Epil7

We're told this every year but apparently we're set for a scorching summer this time around & it starts next week, let's hope so anyway!!!
So straight on to the priorities when it comes to basking in the sun - smooth hair free skin, no stubbly legs allowed! A quick easy solution is always required when it comes to this, I personally can't stand the whole waiting around until hair is long enough for waxing, yeauch!!!!!!!!!! We want a quick removal that gets rid of that awkward stubble, which is where Braun's new 'Silk-Epil 7 Xpressive Pro' comes in to play, designed to remove even the shortest hairs it can also now be safely used in either the shower or bath. It has a new close grip technology that ensures extra close skin contact & because it can now be used in the bath or shower it actually encourages a less painful & more gentle epliation rather than carrying this out on dry skin.
So here's some science behind it's genius (!!!!) -
New Close Grip Technology
Braun's latest technological breakthrough makes epilating more efficient than ever before. The 40 tweezers have been re engineered to close at the optimal angle and grip hair even closer to the skin for better short hair removal. The overall efficiency is further improved by an increased epilation speed by +10%.
SoftLift Tips
Silk-├ępil 7 Xpressive Pro also includes unique SoftLift Tips® which effectively lift even flat-lying hair and help guiding them to the tweezers.
Pivoting Head
Silk-├ępil 7 Xpressive Pro features a flexible head that can pivot by up to 15 degrees forward and back. This means it can better adapt to the contours of the body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness. And it ensures that optimum usage position is maintained.
Smart Light
The Smartlight helps easily guide your way through the epilation process and lightens up even the finest hairs for no miss removal.
New High Frequency Massage
The High Frequency Massage System stimulates the skin and effectively soothes the plucking sensation during epilation to maximize your skin comfort.
I find that using this in the shower is like night & day in comparison to the usual standard epilator experience, when the skin is warm as well as moist hair removal is much softer & easier, also the fact that this has such an excellent grip & allows for easier movement means it is far less painful. I think the worst part of epliating used to be that many of the hairs were only 'tugged' and not removed as the grip just wasn't powerful enough, also when the skin is dry or cold it increases the pain level by about 100!! Over all this experience is quick & easy, not as painful as you would originally think, plus the best bit is you're left hair free for 4 weeks, nice!!!!!! Definitely recommend every girl get one for their shower as well as holiday suitcase this summer!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fight Against Frizz - John Frieda 'Straight Ahead'

Frizzy hair is many a girl's nightmare, keeping those glossy locks looking fantastic can be the bane of our lives!!! This is where Frizz Ease 'Straight Ahead' comes to the rescue, as a long frizz-sufferer I have to say that I have loved the effects of their 'Straight Ahead' shampoo & conditioner, which has left me with glossy straight hair & absolutely no frizz in sight! My hair felt smooth & glossy, it also took about half the time to style with my straightening irons too, giving me a sleek polished finish worthy of any red carpet!!!
It instantly gives shine & smooths out the hair making it easy to straighten, it also nourishes & hydrates to give the hair that sleek healthy looking finish. It's straight-defining complex & essential moisturisers with frizz fighting silicone means that you don't even need to let the word 'frizz' enter your pretty head!
Finish off with Frizz Eaze Hair Serum 'Original Formula' to secure your gorgeous locks, it's also brilliant at covering up any signs of split ends too so your hair is perfect root to tip! Fabulous!
Check out their Facebook Page

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Get the Look - Gwen Stefani at the MET Costume Institute Gala

Get Gwen's latest look with Pantene Pro-V Ambassador and Celebrity Stylist, who styled Gwen Stefanis' Hair for the event.

Danilo’s Step by Step Guide to Get the Look:

Step 1:
Wash and condition hair with Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo and Conditioner – if you feel your hair needs a treatment apply Repair & Protect Intensive Hair Repair Treatment. It’s important to look after hair, especially when it’s coloured, so it’s soft and healthy looking.

Step 2:
While hair is still wet, spritz evenly with a heat protection spray (ready for the blow-dry). Create volume by applying Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Mousse to help thicken roots and to support the grand bouffant.

Step 3:
Take 3cm wide sections of hair at a time and blow-dry the length of the hair curling the hair under at the ends with a round brush to give a rounded finish. After blow-drying, pull her hair back and pin in place to create the lift. Use your fingers to pull out small pieces to form rows on the top of the hair so it’s not perfectly smooth.

Step 4:
To finish the look, gently apply an anti-frizz serum to combat any humidity then mist hair all over with a Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Hairspray to give your look staying power for the evening.

Danilo’s Top Tip: “Make sure you’ve got as much natural volume in your hair before styling by using Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo and Conditioner.”

Products Used:
Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo (rrp. £2.19)
Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Conditioner (rrp. £2.19)
Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Mousse (rrp. £2.99)
Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Hairspray (rrp. £2.99)
Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Intensive Hair Repair Treatment (rrp. £3.99)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Top Tips - Corrective Eye Make-Up

Here's a couple of correction tips for your eye make-up, if you feel that you have 'Wide Set' or 'Close Set' eyes then following this short simple guide will detract from this & create an even balance.

Wide Set Eyes
Apply base colour over Socket
On the Upper Lid apply a darker shade to the inner portion of your lid, blend softly into the socket line.
Take a lighter shade & blend this from the outer edge to where the darker shade is on the inner upper lid.
When lining the upper lid, apply to the inner half, then lightly extend to three quarters of the way over & blend with a cotton bud to soften this out, then take a soft line on the bottom lash line
To Finish, as always apply your favourite Mascara!

Close Set Eyes
Apply base colour over Socket
On the Upper Lid lighten the inner portion, blending softly into the socket line.
Take a darker shade & blend this from the outer edge & into the outer part of the socket line.
When lining the upper lid, apply to the outer half, then lightly extend to three quarters of the way over & blend with a cotton bud to soften this out, then take a soft line on the bottom lash line, again take this from the outer edge & extend just past the half way point.
For an added touch, add a little highlighter with a cotton bud to the inner corners of your eyes which really open them up.
To Finish, as always, apply your favourite Mascara!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Intense Hydration from NUDE Skincare

Quench skin thirst this summer with NUDE Hydrating Water. Re-launched in a smaller 100ml travel size, this summer skin saviour is ideal for on-the-go glow as it locks in moisture, hydrates and leaves skin instantly revived and refreshed.

One spritz of NUDE’s Hydrating Water will nurture the skin throughout summer. Formulated with prickly pear and floral waters, it relieves dehydrated skin as it locks in water, while soothing rose and vanilla floral waters combat irritation caused by air conditioning, sun damage and heat.

Perfectly portable, this 100% natural Hydrating Water is small enough to keep in your handbag or desk drawer – so while you’re feeling the heat this summer your skin will be calm and cool.

NUDE 100ml Hydrating Water, £12 - available from the end of May 2010 at SpaceNK or online at