Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Keep Hydrated and Fabulous on the Move - Ark Skincare

Any gal knows travelling can be a hazardous time for our skin. Excessive vehicle fumes, lack of humidity in cabin air followed by air conditioned waiting halls or central heating affects our delicate cells, causing intense dryness. Dannii Minogue is a fan of ARK and we are convinved a little glass vile of this wonder serum must be stowed away in her Louis Vuitton!

At a handy 30ml, the ARK SkinResponse hydrating serum is the ultimate chic travelling accessory. Not only will it fit into your handbag and pass customs in hand luggage, this mineral rich serum will leave skin moisturised, silky soft and positively glowing, ensuring you look every bit the A-lister as you waltz through the terminal.

ARK’s SkinResponse hydrating serum uses a mixture of potent ingredients and concentrated complexes including Algae and Cucumber extracts which provide immediate and highly concentrated nutrient rich hydration. The serum contains a film forming complex of moisturisers, that locks elevated water levels in the skin, plumping it up and protecting it against moisture loss. It actively addresses the moisture balance in skin that is showing signs of dehydration such as dryness, fine lines and dullness.
The serum responds to the needs of your skin immediately and has a lasting effect by targeting these concerns for a 6-8 week treatment period, after which time you can go back to your normal skincare regime. The hydrating serum should be applied sparingly, 2-3 drops, either directly to the skin or mixed with your prescribed moisturiser or masque. Designed to intensify the bioactive treatment of your skin when required.

Ark has an ever-growing celebrity fan base including Dannii Minogue, Nikki Chapman and Katie Melua.

ARK SkinResponse Hydrating Serum is 30ml £36, and available at Ark Centres in Wimbledon, Putney and Fulham, or online at t: 020 7938 1898