Thursday, 7 October 2010

Prevage Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum By Elizabeth Arden - A Facelift In A Bottle!

Prevage Anti-Aging Serum by Elizabeth Arden is one of the most talked about and celebrated beauty products on the market at the moment; beauty editors love it, beauty professionals describe it as a 'miracle product' and even dermatologists have prescribed it (in its more potent form 'Prevage MD').

Over the course of this month I had the pleasure of trying it out for myself, something I was very excited about being a self-confessed anti-ageing product junkie!

The first thing I loved about the product is the over all consistency… it looks, smells, as well as feels wonderful. The serum instantly creates a healthy glow, over-all firmer look and even skin tone. It contains 'Idebenone' which is known as the strongest antioxidant available on the market today (with an EPF of 95) which assists in shielding the surface of the skin from all three types of free radical assaults; it also promotes natural production of collagen while protecting the skin from environmental damage and possible future signs of ageing.
As well as its protective qualities it can correct the appearance of sun damage, age spots, redness, minor scars and wrinkles, as well being clinically proven to benefit and transform the over all look of the skin.

Pretty impressive claims and a lot to get excited about when deciding to give it a go. So does it work? Well my simple answer is 'Yes it does'! It certainly lives up to all the beauty buzz that has surrounded it recently and it does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak!
Attached here are few pictures from Prevage's own tests (not my own trial) that show some significant before & after shots.

In fact as early as day one I saw some positive results. As I said earlier, straight away my skin was glowing and felt firmer. The product smells great, smoothes over the skin beautifully and is absorbed quickly, leaving no sticky residue.

I found that after the first week there was a definite overall smoothness to my skin. Suddenly my skin had a softer, silkier texture, plus it seemed plumper.

By the end of the second week, some of the fine lines I have on my forehead were reduced significantly, which I was delighted to discover early one morning while doing my make-up for work!

In the third week, I noticed a considerable improvement in some of the discolouration in my skin due to recent sun damage. There has also been a significant improvement in the appearance of my freckles too!

After having an inspection this morning, some of the fine lines around my mouth have started to disappear as well which is pretty impressive after just under a month of using the product!

I would certainly give this product 10/10 and have been delighted with the results so far. I look forward to continuing its use!

Elizabeth Arden are known as pioneers in addressing the signs of Ageing & have created Prevage as luxury skin care range that really delivers results (the full range also includes day & night moisturisers, an eye cream as well as an anti-aging body cream). I truly believe that in the beauty industry you do indeed get what you pay for & quality along with results does not always come cheap. Prevage is at the high end of the beauty market & it certainly deserves it's place as the anti-ageing qualities & over all proven results make it a clear market leader that is second to none. Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum (50ml) is priced at £145 & is available at Boots & department stores, for more information please see their website - Prevage Skin.