Monday, 14 February 2011

Make Your Valentines Scent Last Longer!

On Valentines Day you want your scent to last all the way through your romantic night out, here's some top tips on how to get the most from your signature fragrance!! Firstly you yourself should not be able to smell your perfume all night long, you will normally get used to the fragrance you're wearing & won't be able to smell it on yourself within an hour or so of applying it. If you can smell your perfume a lot longer than that you have probably applied far too much!!!!
Anyway here are some perfume application tips that you can use to help your fragrance last longer- Use a body lotion from the same fragrance under your perfume, it will intensify the scent. Go for the Eau de Parfume rather than the Eau de Toliete, the parfume has a higher concentration of fragrance which makes it last longer, this why they cost a little more.
Rubbing your wrists together apparently damages the chemical composition of the perfume which will cause the fragrance to break down quicker, so just spray!! Spray a little over the top of your head, this is where you loose most of your heat & the perfume scent will rise easily, keeping your fragrance lasting all night long! Why not try one of the most classic & romantic scents of all time, Chanel No5, Marilyn herself swore by it & apparently was the only item she wore in bed...
Happy Valentines Day!!!! xxxx

Seductive Valentines - Cheryl And Marilyn Have Best Winks Of All Time!!!

Eyelash fluttering makes a comeback according to No7!!
Trying to get a pay rise? Planning on asking someone on a date for Valentine’s Day? Why not try a well executed wink? New research by No7 reveals that this powerful body language tool is making a comeback thanks to eye fluttering celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry.
Commissioned to celebrate the launch of No7’s new Exquisite Curl Mascara and the launch of No7 Best Wink competition, the national poll reveals that Cheryl has one of the UK’s favourite winks, alongside Marilyn Monroe and Barbara Windsor.*

The UK’s top five winks of all time -
1. Marilyn Monroe winking on the 1959 film poster for Some Like It Hot
2. Betty Boop
3. Barbara Windsor’s trademark wink and wiggle in the Carry On films
4. Anne Robinson’s infamous wink at the end of the Weakest Link
5. Cheryl Cole winking on the red carpet at the 2010 Glamour Awards

A nation of winkers
One in three men and women questioned admit regularly winking at the opposite sex when flirting. While men are more comfortable winking (32%) women are closing the gap with one in five (24%) saying that they flutter their eyelashes as a cheeky icebreaker.
Thanks to Cheryl Cole and other glamorous celebrities like Katy Perry and Natalie Portman being spotted fluttering their eyelashes, more and more people are trying it out regularly with one in four women saying it makes them feel flirtatious and 15% claiming winking gives them a confidence boost. This is on top of nearly half of the population who regularly use the winking emoticon in emails and texts.
Corinne Sweet, TV and radio psychologist, explains that today’s stars are simply following in the footsteps of our ancestors. She said: “While the mechanic of winking may have changed over time women have ‘used’ their eyes and eyelashes for centuries to flirt and attract the opposite sex.
“The eyes themselves convey a wide range of emotion but the eyelashes can also be ‘used’ in fluttering ‘tells’. When we want to attract someone we know that enhancing the eyes, making the whites look whiter, the lashes look longer, is crucial to success. The Egyptians did it, as did the Aztecs and Victorians. It is a way of magnifying our primary and secondary sexual characteristics.”
Flic Everett, body language, flirting expert and broadcaster agrees: “A little wink meant for him is a sign that you’re watching him and indicates a promise of future intimacy. A good wink says, “I like you, but I’m not going to spell it out.” Wait till you’re about to walk away and give him a slow, confident wink. It draws attention to your eyes and your fabulous lashes.”

No7 creative director and make up artist to the stars, Lisa Eldridge adds: “A great wink starts with great lashes. With the launch of No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara, your lashes are in for an upgrade, as the brush coaxes them to a more beautifully curved and volumised look, with long lasting curl for up to 8 hours. The result? It curls lashes by up to 90 degrees to make eyes look more open for a flirty lift.”

This month No7 will be celebrating the iconic wink with a competition on Facebook to find the best wink. Fancy a flutter? The No7 Best Wink competition will run on Facebook and entries will be judged by an expert panel of Keeley Hawes, No7 creative consultant Lisa Eldridge and No7 Consultant of the year Dawn Cross. The judges are on the look-out for the woman who can dazzle and enchant – all with a single wink.

To launch the competition, Keeley Hawes stars in the new No7 TV advertising campaign which features the star attempting her best wink. Once you have caught your best wink by photo or video, simply upload your wink to the Facebook page The competition closes on 16th February 2011.