Monday, 3 November 2014

FACE Stockholm Unveils New Holographic & Spring 2015 Collections

Swedish beauty brand FACE Stockholm has announced the launch of its Holographic 2014and spring 2015 make-up collections, as well as its Marine Therapy skincare line. The Holographic collection (pictured above) has been designed to emulate the effect of a diamond or prism, comprising: Lyster Lipstick, which intesifies colour and shine of a lip pencil or gloss; and Lipgloss #67, an iridescent gloss for high shine and colour. The spring 2015 colour palette comprises dusky shades across products including: BB Natural Beauty Balm, Stockholm Créme Blush, Lemon Matte Eye Shadow, Presence Eye Dust, Ego Eye Dust, Cream Eye Shadow, Clear Brow Fix, Water Resistant Mascara, Frida Eye Pencil and Ladakh Lipstick. Skincare products within the Marine Therapy line include: Seaweed Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Night Cream and Eye Cream. 

Launch date: this month (Holographic) & February (spring/skincare) 
Prices: £15-£33