Friday, 25 June 2010

Stay Safe In The Sun This Weekend With Sienna Miller's Favourite Sun Protection!

With wedding season currently upon us, including the much speculated French countryside wedding between Sienna and Jude there is no better time to ensure you have an ultimate beauty staple with you during this glorious sunshine!
Sienna Miller lists PIZ BUIN® as one of her ultimate summer beauty essentials saying she uses “PIZ BUIN SPF 30 for the body” to keep her protected from the sun’s rays. With a little help from the re-launched PIZ BUIN® Allergy range you too can achieve a golden glow like hers!
The PIZ BUIN® Allergy range is a range of products specifically developed with dermatologists to help protect those with sun sensitive skin. It combines advanced UVA/UVB sun filters and Calmanelle™ - a unique shield complex proven to help strengthen the skin’s resilience[1]. Formulated with a powerful anti-oxidant, Calmanelle™ reinforces skin cell’s defence against UV rays and helps skin cell tolerance to the sun1. Calmanelle™ Shield Complex is made up of FeverFew PFE™ and a gentle soothing agent.
The newly formulated PIZ BUIN® Allergy range consists of lotions and sprays which come in SPF15, 30, 50 and 50+. The range also has two facial creams which come in SPF 30 and 50+ as well as a hydrating After Sun lotion.
So with this glorious weather upon us and plenty of outdoor partying on the horizon (especially this weekend!) don’t forget to protect skin from the powerful sun rays and still have fun in the sun thanks to PIZ BUIN®.

Camp to Glamp - Glastonbury Voted the Smelliest Festival!!

Festivals are fast approaching and with many groups opting to go ‘glamping’, festival fumes are out of the window and fragrant fans are top of the bill.
A poll of 3,000 festival goers revealed that Glastonbury is the worst smelling gig in the festival calendar according to a survey commissioned by The Perfume Shop.
More than 78 per cent of people who have attended Glastonbury named the toilets as the worst smell, while another 35 per cent found fellow campers body odour less than fragrant. Another 30 per cent struggle with the smell of the rubbish created by the 170,000 music fans.

Second place went to the Reading Festival, where 16 per cent of people admitted they didn’t wash at all over the three-day event. Researchers found that the average festival fan washes just twice during their stay, team this with 35 per cent of people disgusted by the body odour from fellow festival-goers and you have a number of unhappy campers!
More than one in five also wear the same clothes for the entire duration of the festival, with more than one in ten not bothering to use any deodorant – instead, 54 per cent rely on body spray or perfume to mask the smell.

Many campers look for a quick fix, with 38 per cent of those simply using baby wipes to freshen up and more than 15 per cent of people buying a fragrance especially to use at the festival. The new glamping trend has resulted in a mini beauty regime that is both fabulous and festival friendly. The Perfume Shop’s Festival Travalo is the perfect marriage between style and substance, the flower power patterned portable pocket perfume atomizer packs a punch with aircraft grade aluminim and handy neck strap as well as 50 sprays of your favourite scent. The Festival Travalo is available mid-July.

A spokesperson from The Perfume Shop, which carried out the study said; “Everyone knows that festivals are the perfect place to let your hair down but often day-to-day grooming goes amiss. Glastonbury is particularly notorious for its bad smells from festival-goers who go days without washing. With so many people crowded into a small area, it’s inevitable that there are going to be some less-than-pleasant smells lingering, especially if you get lucky and the sun puts in an appearance. But I’m sure many fans would say the festival wouldn’t be the same without the bad smells. However, today’s ‘I can have everything’ mentality means campers can be both glamorous and grunge all at once.
The Perfume Shop Festival Travalo is the perfect accessory for providing your favourite fragrance on the go without the worry of losing a full bottle or taking up precious pace.”
Heavy metal extravaganza Download took third place in the smelliest festival poll, with more than one in ten admitting to not bothering with deodorant. Dance event Creamfields and the Isle of Wight festival completed the top five.

The Big Chill was named as the cleanest and nicest smelling event of the year with just 21 per cent complaining about the rubbish. More than a quarter of people who have experienced the event also reckon it has the best showers and toilets of all the UK festivals. Second place went to Bestival, followed by the O2 Wireless Festival, V-Fest and Global Gathering. However, two thirds say the bad smells wouldn’t ever put them off going to a music festival, with half believing the odours help the atmosphere at the event.

Smelliest festivals
1. Glastonbury
2. Reading
3. Download
4. Creamfields
5. Isle of Wight festival

Least smelly festivals
1. The Big Chill
2. Bestival
3. O2 Wireless Festival
4. V-Fest
5. Global Gathering

Steel vs Spree - Love Your Skin Body Balm

Us girls are always on the look out for a bargain so I thought I should really include this fab product that dropped by today, they're so confident about it they're happy to play it directly against Benefit's version...
Spa ParadisaTM Love your Skin, passion fruit body balm (£10) OR BenefitTM Bathina body balm (£22.50).???!!!
Gorgeous, glowing skin is just a stroke away thanks to the sensuously fragranced Love your Skin body balm from Spa Paradisa.
Bare your skin confidently this summer with this delicious body balm to give skin a divine, luminous shine. Its exotic passion fruit fragrance lets your mind, body and soul escape to a far off tropical paradise, without leaving the comfort of your own home.
With designer doubles like this, why pay twice the price?
The complete Spa Paradisa™ range is available from Debenhams.