Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Beautyblender Make-Up Sponge

I just love this latest cult beauty product 'Beautyblender', it really is as they say themselves the 'ultimate make up sponge applicator'! It has been created by make up artist Rea Ann Silva who has worked as a top make-up artist in Hollywood for many years.
She created Beautyblender to give a professional finish with a flawless complexion, as she says herself that the 'key to a perfect face is simple - a perfect blend'. So no more smearing foundation over your face with your fingers or using triangular sponges, the Beautyblender blends everything flawlessly in an instant with it's suede texture & unique elliptical shape curves that fits the contours of your face. It even comes with it's own cleanser to make sure you can keep it dazzling clean in between uses.
This is the perfect product all round for personal & professional use & as a make-up artist myself I would definitely recommend it to all fellow artists after seeing it in use!

Beautyblender is currently in 'Patent-Pending' status & what always upsets me is when an individual comes up with an excellent & groundbreaking product idea it really only is a matter of time before the larger companies cash in & try to pass off a version of it for themselves at a cheaper price. I won't mention any names here after receiving a press release today on a clear copy of the Beautyblender but I'll only say this - the original is always best!
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