Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Slendertone Face (A Face Lift From The Inside Out!) - 12 Week Trial!

Prevention is always better than cure in my opinion & to be honest I really never want to go down that ant-ageing road of 'botox' & 'fillers' or worse still the full on 'facelift!! I've seen far too many attractive women become 'plastic dolls' at the hands of these so called wonder injections & treatments... Which is why I'm so excited about trialing 'Slendertone Face', it's a known fact that the sagging of muscles in the face are what really starts to age us & unfortunately these muscles are generally under used. The muscles in the face are also unique in the way that they are connected to the skin & when these muscles start to waste they can no longer support the skin in the way they used to, so the face will 'sag' & wrinkles are more likely to appear. So by toning the muscles & keeping out faces in 'shape' like we do with our bodies at the gym, we can keep the face structure firm & plump with out the aid of any unnatural enhancers!!!
Slendertone retrains the facial muscles by using electronic stimulation which will mean the muscles are excerised hundreds of times in just one session. The device is basically a Head Set that will sit around the back of the head & placed at the either side of the face with pads in contact with the skin (gel pads are used to protect the skin), you can then choose on the Unit the duration of the treatment you would like to go for as well as the intensity, there are 3 programmes, 1 - Lift To firm & lift the face, 2 - Radiance To increase blood flow to the facial area giving you a healthy glow (great for night out!!) & finally 3 - Massage To sooth & relax.
It is advised that used over a 12 week period for 20 Minutes a day 5 days a week, a significant difference can be seen in the over all muscle tone in the face, restoring the youthful shape to your face.
So I have charged my unit & I'm ready to go, I'll be reporting back over the next 12 weeks on how I get on & if indeed it is preventative cure to the old face lift & botox, which I'm very hopeful it is!!!

Sex And The City - Get Carried Away With Wahanda!

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Max Factor Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Caroline Barnes, Shares Her Top Summer Make-Up Tips!

1. Spring clean your make-up bag. It gives a whole new outlook and adding new colour to your make-up bag instantly updates and refreshes your look. Plus, it’s a good feeling to get rid of the greys and browns from the winter and inject pastels on to your lids and bright pinks and corals onto your lips ready for the sun. The key? Don’t overdo it - focus on just one feature to wear your colour but experiment with pastels and translucent shades to vary your look.

2. As we get older our skin loses its natural vibrancy so adding colour to your cheeks gives an instant pick-me-up and freshness to your look. Pink tones give a healthy hue and are perfect to put the feel of summer into your complexion. Caramel tones add warmth and softness. For a natural feel, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks or for something more sophisticated apply along the top of your cheekbones.

3. When attending a special summer occasion with a new dress don't be tempted to have lilac eyes just to match. This can instantly date your look and it doesn't work for everyone. Instead inject colour into eyes with beautiful tonal make-up. For example, make-up your eyes as you normally would and then just add a hint of colour to your lids with a shadow or pencil. This way you will feel confident that you have the best eye shape and a hint of colour to compliment your look.

4. After many years of celebrating the natural look, we are all scared of introducing colour back into out make-up. When the seasons change it somehow feels refreshing to get rid of your winter shades and feel fresh and new with summer shades. We can feel a bit shy of being different and it’s such a shame, as a bright pink lip can really boost your confidence and light up your eyes instantly. Why not experiment with using a lip liner with a clear gloss, a stain or a bright gloss with a hint of colour. Take baby steps so the shock isn't too sudden, and you will soon love how easy it is to simply change your make-up by just adding a hint of colour.

5. Bronzer is now an all year round must. The textures are so sheer that is makes it totally wearable for every season. The big mistake people make is to colour their whole face with a big round brush. Instead use a blusher brush to shape and contour your face. This leaves the front panel of your face lighter and the subtle effects are amazing.

Avoiding The Dreaded 'Trout Pout'!!!

Luscious lips like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Garner are constantly sought after, but rarely duplicated (as Paris shows so well here!). In the pursuit of the perfect pucker, plastic surgeons have introduced countless injections, treatments and even implants to create instant volume.
Unfortunately for most, puffy lips usually do not look natural and can cause some to be labeled as a “trout pout”!!!

According to Las Vegas oculo-facial plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint, “creating natural-looking volume in the lips is an art form.” Dr. Myint notes the technique and experience needed to create perfectly bee-stung lips is something learned over many years. Below, he points out his top recommendations for anyone looking to achieve fuller-looking lips.

1 - Proportions are crucial. Nearly all lips have a similar proportion – the bottom lip should be at least twice the size of the top. A perfectly even set of lips are a “dead giveaway to those wondering if you’ve had work done,” says Dr. Myint.

2 - LESS is more. Your mouth is one of your face’s defining characteristics. Dr. Myint suggests being as conservative as possible in the first stages of lip enhancement. While other plastic surgery procedures might be more easily concealed, lips that go from thin to oversized overnight are not easily overlooked.

3 - Know when to say NO. “Almost all lip enhancements are temporary,” says Dr. Myint, “so you will lose the volume after several months. One of the problems with this is lip enhancement can become a slippery slope. Most patients want to go larger than before, and don’t know when to stop.” By staying conservative with every round of enhancements, you can create subtle volume that doesn’t look cartoonish.

4 - Be prepared for downtime. The lips are a very sensitive part of your face, notes Dr. Myint. Any kind of injection will cause them to swell beyond just the filler. Most swelling goes away in a few days time, but for first-timers, the extra volume can be scary. If you are determined to hide your new work, schedule some time off of work or away from friends to allow your injections to heal completely.
5 - Refer to your youth. The lips, like other parts of the face, lose volume as you age. Looking at any movie star over the age of 40 whose lips are larger than they were when they are 20, Dr. Myint knows they have had an enhancement. “The key is to return youthful volume to the lips. We cannot double or triple the size of your lips beyond what you originally had, otherwise the look becomes unnatural.”

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