Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Did You Receive Your Choice Of Fragrance For Christmas This Year?!

By now all our presents are well & truly gone from under the tree with most of us hopefully happy with what santa left for us (I certainly did pretty well!) However according to a recent survey commissioned by leading perfume house Givaudan (with TNS Omnibus), 46% of us British women do not receive the perfume of their choice at Christmas!!!

Here are some of the results -
• From the estimated £16.7 billion due to be spent in the UK this Christmas, fragrances for both men and women are high on the list.

• 46% of British women do not receive the perfume of their choice. More than a third of British men give away their fragrance gift because it is not the one they would have chosen.

• Southerners (64%), especially Londoners (67%), are more likely to be happy with their fragrance gift than Northerners (57%).

• Those from Wales are the hardest to buy perfume for, with a staggering 52% being disappointed with their gifts, compared to 32% from Greater London, the easiest men and women to buy for.

• Partners know your smell better than anyone else making them the ideal choice to buy you perfume this Christmas, but if their partner doesn’t, then almost a third of women rely on mum (25%) as the family member most likely to get their fragrance right.

• Friends are the worst at buying fragrance.

• Nearly three quarters of the population rely on dropping hints or just hoping for the best for Christmas.

Givaudan’s new iPhone app solves the problem by guiding users in choosing the right fragrance, sounds like a fairy godmother in gift buying, if only we had this before now!!!!!!

Linda Harman from Givaudan said,

Since launching the iPerfumer app for the iPhone back in July, we’ve seen an amazing response. Fragrance is a very personal thing and we wanted to remind people that we can help this Christmas. The right fragrance is a wonderful gift

About iPerfumer
iPerfumer is a personal fragrance consultant in your pocket, currently used by people in more than 150 countries.
Now available through free download from the iTunes App Store, iPerfumer is the first mobile perfume recommendation tool and this Christmas it will help to remove the confusion that often surrounds choosing perfume for others and yourself.

iPerfumer allows you to make an individual profile that then offers tailored advice on which perfumes you would like, providing you with a shortlist of fragrances best-suited to your individual character.

Unlike other perfume selection tools, iPerfumer does not rely purely on aromatic categorisation to make recommendations. Its suggestions are based on a mathematical calculation derived from the individual users and the fragrance preferences of the iPerfumer user community. Users can also find out which perfume on the market are liked by other perfume buyers.

Perfect for selecting the best fragrance in the Jan sales this year!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Festive Party Season Looks - False Eyelashes

With the party season well & truly here, the office party is looming, not forgetting all Xmas drinks & gatherings packed into our social calenders this Xmas, it's time to get those last minute beauty finishing touches! False eyelashes are a sure fire way to get some added glamour to any look & at this time of year you can't get enough glitz & sparkle so time to definitely push the boat out!
To get a bold look strip lashes are the best & give an extra glamourous touch to your make-up look, when applying the lashes lay them along your lash line before glueing in place to ensure the length works for your eye shape. If they are a little too long then simply snip the inner conner to let them fit better. Tilt your head back in from of the mirror & look down slightly as this is the best angle to apply them, only use a little glue (you don't want too much as it can make the eyes water!), place them on & hold for a few seconds until they start to dry.

Here are few of my favourites, ideal for the party season & that give fantastic results!

Get Lashed False Eyelashes from Boots - From £5.95

Eylure Girls Aloud False Eyelashes - From £5

Shu Uemura Flase Eyelashes - From £12.50

Winter Sun Protection With Pure & Gentle

Skiing is a great sport which is fantastic for general fitness but all too many people forget the damaging effect Winter sun can have on your skin. When you're up a mountain, at altitude, the sun can be incredibly intense and UV exposure is higher than at ground level so you're soaking up increased levels of radiation. Features such as grass and trees that normally absorb the UV, are covered in snow meaning the UV is literally bouncing straight back at you so it’s imperative that you apply adequate protection to your skin. Online skin treatment specialist Pure and Gentle Skincare has put together some handy tips on caring for your skin on the slopes this Winter.

With 75,000 cases being reported each year Skin cancer is the commonest form of cancer in the UK and with the main risk factor being an increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation this figure is likely to rise. There are three main types of skin cancer, melanoma (the most serious, malignant type), squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. In all three, early detection is essential.

Winter Sun Tips from Pure and Gentle Skincare:

1. Anyone going skiing this winter your choice of sun protections should be as im portant as wearing clothing and using the correct equipment.

2. The ski slopes should be treated just like a beach and sun protection should be applied as liberally, if not more, as if you were stretched out on a sun-lounger.

3. Sun cream for skiing should be the highest factor tolerated, with a minimum SPF of 30. In addition sun cream should be broad spectrum to protect against both UVA & UVB, and should be applied every 2 hours. Sun blocks which contain a higher percentage of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide should be considered as they give excellent, long-lasting protection.

5. Do not forget to protect children – cream should be re-applied to their sk in even more regularly as younger skin is even more sensitive.

6. Finally pay careful attention to eyes - sunglasses or goggles with UV filters will give additional protection to the eyes and eyelids."

Pure and Gentle Skincare has a range of sunscreens for both adults and children, together with SPF moisturisers. Comprehensive information is provided on each product and many of its sunscreens are suitable for people with sensitive or allergic type skin along with those with eczema, psoriasis and acne. Products include Sunsense, Ultrasun, Lavera and The Sun Mousse, with prices ranging between £5 and £25. For further information visit

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas - Mac Tartan Tale Collection.

Fabulous Xmas gift ideas from Mac this year with the Tartan Tale collection, definitely one of my favourites & not just because of my Scottish heritage of course but all the fabulous colour selections available! My personal favourite is the plaid eye shadows, available in 6 different colours from peach, to golds & pinks as well as purples, green, silvers & blues! The range is pretty vast & includes reusable tartan cases filled with some of your favourite colours as well as some gorgeous lip & face palates, all decorated in fabulous tartan of course! Here's a selection of some of the gift sets, all available from, sets from £23.50, but hurry as they're selling fast!

Christmas Party Smokey Eyes!

With the party season getting into full swing this weekend here a few tips on getting those sultry smokey eyes for the xmas night out on Saturday!

Firstly as with anything start with a good base, take a light neutral colour and with a large brush sweep across the lid. Then with a smaller defined brush take a dark colour of your choice which works best as a shimmer or frost finish & apply to your lower lid then with your larger brush blend outwards to soften (don't worry if it looks s little messy at this stage!).

Then take the dark colour again & shade in the outer corners of your eye in a shape such as a 'V' on it's side with the point facing outwards, this will add depth & make your eyes look darker & wider, make sure you blend well & take a cotton bud to soften this out which will also define as well.

Line the top lash with a matte dark shadow, use a small slanted brush for this, it will create a softer smokier finish & take it from the outer corner to the inner, for the bottom lash again use the shadow with the same brush & take it three quarters of the way across from the outer edge & with a cotton bud soften this out & even add a little more shadow to create a more dramatic look (use the dark colour used on the lids for an extra shimmer). To add even more impact, take an eye pencil & line the inner rim of the bottom & into the inner corner to meet the top lash line.

One thing to bare in mind is to try & apply more depth to the outer corners so the finshed result is not too heavy, cotton buds are your best friend while creating this look as they are perfect for blending in this area!

Take a highlighter & blend up to the brow bone, this is great for bringing everything together, also take a little of the highlighter into the inner corners to open the eye & tidy any edges by softening them out with the cotton bud.

Another tip is do your eye make-up first before the foundation, using dark colours can be messy!!

Finish off with lashings on mascara, or some false eyelashes... Also remember to tone down the lip colour when going for smokey eyes, it's either 'eyes' or 'lips' when choosing your make-up style!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Clarisonic - A New Year Skincare Revelation

Set yourself a New Year’s Resolution to spend one minute every morning and evening cleansing with Clarisonic® and experience a skincare revelation this New Year.

Clarisonic, the world’s first professional-calibre home skin cleansing system, is used and recommended by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons and has transformed the beauty industry; cleansing skin has never been quicker, easier or more effective. So let 2011 be the year that you reveal your skin’s true potential.

Clarisonic has been clinically shown to remove six times more make-up than manual cleansing and reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Its effective yet gentle cleansing action means Clarisonic is recommended for daily cleansing – even the sensitive skin of rosacea, acne or seborrhea sufferers. It diminishes oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes, for skin that is clean, clear and visibly radiant.

Clarisonic’s gentle sonic micro-massage action cleanses and prepares the skin so well it can absorb skin care products more effectively. Clarisonic is shown to remove more dirt (sebum and makeup) than manual cleansing, allowing your skin care products to absorb better and work to their full potential.2 Make-up Artist Daniel Sandler comments, “If there was one New Year’s Resolution sure to give you fresh, radiant skin, it’s spending two minutes a day with your Clarisonic.” The perfect skin care accompaniment for the woman who seeks full control of her health and well-being.

Clarisonic Plus - £175
Available from Harrods, Selfridges, Space NK and

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fabulous Stocking Filler - Tweezers With Attitude!

Here's the perfect stocking filler idea, or just the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a fabulous new pair of tweezers!!!! 'Tweezers With Attitude', where our favourite celebs have now been turned into some very handy hair plucking devices so we can enjoy preening that little bit more..!
Firstly we have the lovely Kelly Brook, then the queen of style herself Victoria Beckham, stunning Sienna Miller, the ever so gorgeous Megan Fox & last but certainly not least the nation's sweetheart Cheryl Cole (no collection would be complete with out her!!!)
They even come with a fabulous price tag too, £2.99 each! Available at

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Kylie Minogue's Ice Cool Beauty With Myface Cosmetics


Performing at the Rockefeller Centre in New York with a host of A-list acts, Kylie Minogue brought both festive cheer and style inspiration to an audience of millions– just in time for Christmas.

On hand to create her much envied and talked about metallic, jewelled look was myface cosmetics artistic director, Kabuki, who transformed Kylie into a frost bitten beauty with the myface cosmetics blingtone eyeshadows . . .

· Kabuki used Black Ice Blingtone (£9.99, Boots) across the lash line and blended upwards and outwards

· He then used Sp”ice”y Blingtone (£9.99, Boots) in the eye socket and blended seamlessly

· To make eyes pop and twinkle even more, Kabuki dotted the bright Diamonds & Pearls Blingtone (£9.99, Boots) in the corner of the eye and swept across the brow bone to highlight and lift the eye.

Kabuki’s Top Tip - "Keep the rest of your makeup simple Don't take away from your dramatic jewel eye makeup by using distracting cheek and lip colour. Apply a rose or peach blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up and out – be sure to keep your lips light but glossy"

myface.cosmetics is available from Boots nationwide, and

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

NIP + FAB Eye Fix - Touche Éclat Results At a Fraction Of The Price!!!!

Revered the world over, the YSL Touche Éclat is the crème de la crème of under-eye concealers. This must-have handbag essential has had many contenders, but no real competition in the cosmetics stakes…until the NIP + FAB Eye Fix launched.

The affordable NIP + FAB Eye Fix (£9.95/2ml) has caused a buzz amongst beauty bloggers, beauty editors and a growing list of celebrities such as Olivia Palermo who are voting it as this year’s “miracle beauty eye buy”. Encased in similar pen shaped packaging to its premium counterpart, with a soft brush and twist action, NIP + FAB Eye Fix will hide imperfections with minimal effort due to its multi-purpose plumping and concealing properties. In fact some journalists are amazed with the results saying it “left their eyes looking smoother and brighter not sallow - a problem they’ve encountered with Touche

About the NIP + FAB Eye Fix (£9.95/2ml)
The NIP + FAB Eye Fix is a 2-in-1 eye cream + concealer, enriched with hydrating, plumping hyaluronic acid, softening glycerin and cucumber extract to reduce the appearance of puffiness. This clever eye boosting cream will instantly hide imperfections and dark circles with light reflecting particles to leave you looking younger, bright eyed and ready to face the day.

Since its launch in September, NIP + FAB has become a best seller at Boots and Some lines such as the NIP + FAB Tummy Fix sold out within an hour of launch and recently ran out of stock, creating a waiting list of over 2,000 people.
Crammed with breakthrough natural and technologically advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients, the clinically tested range for the face and body delivers 10 targeted treatments - Tummy Fix, Scrub Fix, Shower Fix, Moisture Fix, Dry Leg Fix, Cellulite Fix, Multi-Fix Oil, Lip + Nip
Fix, Bust Fix and Eye Fix. Each hardworking, no nonsense product “does exactly what it says on the front” and will deliver exceptional ‘targeted results and instant fixes.’

Available at Boots &

Friday, 3 December 2010

Perfect Winter Pout With Blistex Lip Massage!

With the winter chill firmly biting this week & set to continue for some time our beauty essentials are working at their hardest! An absolute must have item in any handbag right now is some trusty Blistex!!! You can be sure it will do the trick & keep that gorgeous pout in tip top condition for the xmas party!

My favourite just now isBlistex Lip Massage which is a moisturising deep treatment & it comes complete with a gently-textured massage tip that revitalizes your lippies, laeving them soft, subtle & sumptious!
The Massage Action: Smoothes away rough spots, soothes & comforts.
Ultra Hydrating Formula: Keeps lips moisturised and protected, with rich emollients to soften and hydrate.

Available Nationwide -

Jennifer Anistons Budget Beauty Buy

Jennifer Aniston might be one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars, but the price of her A-list beauty is …. the cost of a bar of soap! The stunning 41-year-old actress who has a complexion to rival women decades younger recently revealed at the premiere of her latest film, The Switch, that the secret to her age-defying skin is a block soap.

Ms. Aniston who shot to fame in the Nineties as Rachel in the hit sitcom Friends has insisted that a good diet and exercise are key to her incredible physique, but reveals that it is a simple supermarket-bought soap which she has been using since high school that keeps her so fresh-faced and flawless!
If you too are lusting after Jen’s gorgeous, glowing, radiant skin, why not try her bargainous beauty secret, and just use a simple block soap and water formula?
Dr. Bronner’s, the USA’s no. 1 selling natural soap brand and the leader in organic and fair trade skincare, has a brilliantly basic All-One Pure-Castile Bar Soap made with organic oils.

Available in Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Citrus Orange, Tea Tree, Rose, Almond, Lavender and Baby Mild, the 100% Pure-Castile soap recipe is based on a simple, ecological, vegetable based formulation, named after the Castile region of Spain where olive oil soaps were invented long ago. What’s more, with celebrity fans including Drew Barrymore, Eminem, Sandra Bullock and make-up artist Bobbi Brown, these 100% vegan soaps seem almost too good to be true!

If it’s good enough for Jen (and Vogue) … it is good enough for us!

Katy Perry & Rihanna Wear Kiss & Broadway Nails

Known for their chart-topping singles and signature styles Katy Perry and Rihanna both wore Broadway 2-Step Natural Nails at the MTV Video Music Awards. Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees applied Kiss 2-Step nails as a base underneath their favorite design/polish.
In lieu of glue, Kyees secured the nails to Katy and Rihanna using the Kiss Mega Hold Tabs – a short-term alternative to nail glue.

Katy wore her 2-Step Nails to give her the nail length in order to pay tribute to her fiancé Russell Brand, while Rihanna opted for a neutral, full-length at the Award ceremony.

Perfect for the Xmas Party Season that is upon is already, check out the details yourself where you can perfect the celebrity manicure yourself!

Broadway 2-Step Nail Kit is available at Boots, for £6.99
Kiss Mega Hold Tabs are available at Boots and SuperDrug for £2.99

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

From Desk To Dancefloor - Transform Your Look From Office To Party

We all want to look our best at the Christmas party, but we don’t always have hours to get ready. When you need to get party glam in a matter of minutes, it’s important to have the right products in your desk drawer.
Below is a selection of products available exclusively at Boots, guaranteed to get you party-perfect in an instant – you’ll look so spectacular that your office crush will have to kiss you under the mistletoe! Plus, if you need some more desk-side help and advice for pristine party hair and make up, log onto to view their how-to tutorials.

No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation, £15.50 visibly firms, lifts and brightens skin, to boost skin tone. It’s the perfect base to build your party look from, and comes in six flawless shades (Porcelain, Alabaster, Almond, New Ivory, Blonde and Cream.

Christmas is all about party eyes. 17 Starry Eyes Trio Eyeshadows, £4.99 each, allow you to create a fresh interpretation of a classic smoky eye. Available in four colour ways, there’s one to suit every outfit! Then add 17 Wild Curls Mascara in Wildest Black, £5.99 to create long, dark, curled lashes that will last for hours. Finally, add a sweep of glitter with No7 Mirrorball Glitter Mascara Top Coat, £9, for a sophisticated shimmer.

Show-stopping lips are a Christmas party must. Make them stand out with Too Faced Lip Injection Clear, £12. The unique formula plumps lips to create the ultimate party pout in seconds.

Finish your look with Strictly Fabulous The Nail Collection, £16. The set of 12 mini varnishes will allow you and your colleagues to each have stunning nails all night long!

Creating the perfect party hair in an instant is no mean feat. If you want to create a smooth, chic style apply James Brown London Heat Styling Protector, £6.99, and then straighten using desk-drawer sized Mark Hill Mini Iconic Styler, £19.99. Keep hair in place with James Brown Hairspray, £1.95. However, if you wish to create more show-stopping hair, try Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle, £5.49. This fabulous new product provides instant volume and sexy texture without spending time backcombing.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Kate Moss's Personal Appearance At Boots For First Exclusive Fragrance Signing

Kate Moss made an exclusive personal appearance at Boots Sedley Place today to celebrate the launch of her latest fragrance, Vintage Muse.

Kate took time to sign bottles of her fragrance Vintage Muse as well as meet some of her fans, she also personally thanked Boots top fragrance consultants for their ongoing support of her fragrance portfolio..
Kate also took time to judge a competition for the best ‘Vintage Look’ inspired by Vintage Muse – with the lucky winner winning £500 of shopping vouchers!!!

“We were thrilled to have Kate Moss in Boots today. It was a great opportunity for our customers to be able to get their Kate Moss Vintage Muse fragrance signed. Makes for a perfect Christmas gift.” Louise Cummings, General Manager, Boots

Her latest fragrance 'Vintage Muse' is said to be 'An alluring and elegant fragrance and opens with a sparkle of plum and rhubarb embraced with a rich addition of blackcurrant. At its heart, radiant blooms of peony, purple violet and tiger orchid unveil a refined sensuality that is exquisitely feminine. Finally, the floral tones give way to a velvety dry-down of white musk, ambergris and a touch of chocolate, enhancing the fragrance’s sophisticated nature.

Kate as always looked fantastic, dressed in black with tousled hair & an amazing black eyeliner make-up look she could have walked straight from the catwalk!

Vintage Muse is available from Boots -

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Selfridges Come and Play Beauty Event - Starts 25/11!

Come & Play is launching and Selfridges beauty hall has treats for all this season. Be the first to be introduced to exclusive, never seen before products, meet our unrivalled team of experts with our exclusive masterclasses and be spoilt with exclusive treats, including personalised products. Visit your favourite beauty brands and let Selfridges show you how to stand out from the crowd this Christmas and New Year.


To mark the launch of 10 Days of Play two exclusive colour stories launch at Selfridges. The Chanel Le Vernis in Riva (£16.50) is inspired by St Tropez - yet another desirable nail shade for your collection. Estee Lauder’s first custom lip gloss collection by Tom Pecheux is inspired
by his work on the catwalk. All Stores

The nail trend continues with the exclusive launch of the Grey City Nail Collection inspired by three capitals of fashion: Paris, London and New York. In order, Gris Montaigne, Bond Street and NY 57th – all £17. All Stores

Allow the avant garde and ingenious make up artist, Alex Box, exclusively at Selfridges on the Illamasqua counter. Alex will be take customers through the fine art of makeup in an exclusive and extraordinary master class.
27th November – Birmingham
28th November – Trafford
4th December - London

There’s more…

The nail trend continues with a Christmas set launch and two exclusive offers for Selfridges customers.The RMK Christmas Berry Kit launches on the 25th November. Consists of, RMK Nail Colour, Lip Crayon and Lip Glosses in three berry colours (£40.50).
BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND PLAY: Introduce a friend to RMK and upon their purchase of RMK product, receive a complimentary nail colour.
NOVEMBER NAIL FEST: Buy any two products from RMK and have your nails painted complimentary.
Available throughout Come & Play. London, Birmingham and Trafford

Meet the Nars Pro Team for Autumn / Winter make up masterclasses and find out what Spring / Summer 11 has in store!
25th & 26th November – London / 29th & 30th November – Trafford / 1st December – Birmingham / 2nd & 3rd December - London

Selfridges launches the NEW Rejuvenated Skincare Destination in the beauty hall - a new-generation treatment hub with niche brands from across the globe. London Only
Get the Look and know-how at Le Metier. Le Metier de Beaute’s senior make up artists work their magic in a ‘Get The Look: Rhianna’ workshop on counter with a live model. London Only

Personal your favourite Armani Master products with Swarovski Crystal Personalisation. The fab-four collections; Eyes to Kill, Face Fabric, Illuminous Silk Foundation and Armani Rouge can be personally crystallised at the Armani counter at no extra cost. All Stores

From 6-8pm the Keihl’s Shop For a Cause event launches exclusively at Selfridges. GOSH celebrity ambassadors man the counter in the Selfridges beauty hall whilst American style canapés and refreshments are served. All recruited and spending customers receive a goody bag worth £25. London Only

Bare Minerals beauty hero SJ is in store hosting make up demos throughout the day. For hints and tips from the beauty queen head to the Bare Minerals counter. London Only

Sexy Santa makes his way to store at Benefit as the team dress up Christmas style with red tutus, white halos and fairy wings. For a special season treat Selfridges have he exclusive offering of a complimentary Powderpop with every £30 minimum purchases (while stocks last).
All Stores

Join YSL for the ‘Get the Lloyd Simmonds Look’ exclusively at Selfridges to learn products used by the make up master and application tips from YSL’s top make up artists. All Stores

For more info see or check out their Bobbi Brown Range available!

Make-Up Gifts That Dazzle This Christmas!!

With just over a month until Christmas, the party season is upon us. While many women out there will be eagerly dreaming up their perfect party look, Boots has come up with hundreds of dazzling gifts to add sparkle and shine to their festive ensemble.
Every girl wants to be the belle of the ball and adding a touch of glamour to her gift list is guaranteed to delight her on Christmas morning. From pre-pampering party sets that create soft glistening skin to the hottest seasonal make-up colours, Boots has everything to make her steal the limelight this year.
Below is a small selection of gifts that will make us feel all shimmery, gorgeous and ready for that moment under the mistletoe!

Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow! Soap and Glory Glow Biz, £20 is a deluxe cosmetics case that comes with all she needs for all-over glamour and glow. This divine set includes Face & Body Sun Powder Spray, Fragrant Body Cream and Mix & Match Facial Bronzer.

Take a leaf from Fearne Cotton’s book and treat your favourite lady to this stylish set designed by the style queen herself. Fearne Whatever Takes Your Fancy, £30 is a stunning make-up kit containing all the essentials items to turn her into the ultimate glamour puss.

Compete with Carrie in the style stakes with this Sex and the City Gift Set. The Carrie Clutch, £15, combines a striking gold sequinned party clutch bag with perfume atomiser, mirror and lip gloss. The perfect accompaniment to any Christmas party.

Disco fever has hit the No7 Collection. Give yourself a touch of festive sparkle this Christmas with the No7 Mirror Ball Highlighter Compact, £13.50. This handy little compact is small enough to keep in your handbag and can be applied to shoulders, collarbones and face to give you the ultimate décolletage.

All the glitter and glitz she needs for a big night out! The 17 Dazzle Eyes Collection, £15, will help her light up any room. The eye-catching gift set of three eye dazzlers, three glitter liners and two jumbo eye pencil is the ultimate sparkle fix for any girly girl.

All available at Boots -

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New Real Skin Cream from No Nonsense

Face and body creams made of organic natural oils and nothing else....

Handmade using 100 per cent organic oils and nothing else, the new Real Skin Cream range from No Nonsense is a very different approach to skincare.

Delivering fast and long-lasting moisturisation, while avoiding all chemicals, No Nonsense Real Skin Cream has been developed for face, body, hands and feet. As this rich buttery cream is applied the body’s heat melts it into the skin and the oils are absorbed to provide immediate hydration.

Quickly and effectively combating dry skin on every area of the body this fundamental product comes in three formulas. Apricot & Shea leaves skin fresh-looking and silky soft, Hemp & Shea balances dry skin and reduces inflammation while Rosehip & Shea fights wrinkles and helps keep skin feeling young and elastic. Formulated for everyday use the Real Skin Cream range is particularly beneficial when skin has been dehydrated after shaving or showering

With each variety containing just four powerful natural ingredients, vitamin rich fair-trade shea butter, two natural plant oils and one essential oil, you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Known for their skin-loving benefits these natural oils have been carefully chosen to provide all you need for silky soft, naturally glowing skin. The creams contain absolutely no synthetic ingredients, parabens, perfumes, preservatives or additives. The entire range is hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive and problem-skin, and suitable for vegans.

Creator Dawn Lyle says the combination of providing intense moisturisation with avoiding all possible skin irritants has transformed her own skin:

“Many skin problems are caused by the chemicals contained in over-medicalised skincare products which can cause damage, dry skin and premature ageing as they accumulate over time. I decided to call this product Real Skin Cream because it avoids all the rubbish that isn’t needed and simply delivers the concentrated moisturisation that skin cries out for.

“Skincare has become clouded with quasi-science when actually skin’s needs are simple and an effective moisturiser is at the top of the list, especially in winter. Containing nothing except organic natural oils No Nonsense is whipped into a cream to give these incredible oils an easily-absorbed texture.”

No Nonsense 100ml body creams are priced at £15 and available online at

You can try before you buy with free samples available on the website ( where you can also win a romantic weekend for two in a tipi.

Brand New - Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser

Simple, the UK’s top selling cleansing brand is soon to launch a new product to its everyday essentials range – Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser.

Contained in a handy new pump action bottle, this light-weight foaming cleanser from the experts in sensitive skin, is packed with multi-vitamin goodness and added moisturisers. It gently removes impurities and traces of make-up leaving skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and nourished.

Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser is formulated with the multi-vitamin goodness of Pro-Vitamin B5 to actively restore, soften and smooth skin, and Vitamin E to improve its condition. It also moisturises while it cleanses with Glycerin to hydrate and nourish, Chamomile to soften and soothe, and Geranium to condition and regenerate.

What’s more, with no perfume and no colour, common causes of skin irritation, and no harsh or unnecessary chemicals, Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser, 150ml from £4.49, is available in store from January 2011. For stockist details call 0121 712 6523 or visit

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Frost Bitten Beauty From myface.cosmetics

ICE, ICE BABY . . . rock the ultimate snow queen makeup looks this Christmas with ice cool, frosted glamour from myface cosmetics. FREE with purchases over £15, treat yourself to a myface makeover with a festive bling box that includes a full size Lil’ bling nail polish, high def eye pencil and one hit wonder lip gloss . .. worth over £25!!

For makeup that says ‘frost bitten beauty’ follow these steps from myface.cosmetics artistic director, Kay Montano . . .

Step 1: apply the high def eye pencil black along the top and bottom lashes and in the lower rim. smudge slightly with a small blending brush or a cotton bud to create that sexy lived-in look - the makeup is meant to be smokey and sultry. at the outer corner take the line out and up slightly to elongate the eye and really emphasize the feline shape

Step 2: molten metallic nails are THE trend for winter so go for high impact, ethereal colour with a coat of Lil’ bling in Diamonds and Pearls. sweep the easy application brush over nails for a wash of ice cool, metal chrome – and for added bling match nails with eyes using the pigment packed, blingtone eyeshadows

Step 3: to add to the frost effect, add a wash of shimmering sparkle to lips with the One Hit Wonder lipgloss in Diamonds and Pearls. the pale, ice cream, sheer colour resembles a new fallen crystal snow in the morning sun, adding opulent shine with just 'one hit'

Kay’s top tip: build up colour pigment on both nails and eyes for a high impact evening look by layering both the blingtones and lil’ bling nail chromes

- myface.cosmetics is available from Boots nationwide, and

Skin Resonance From Comfort Zone - The Ultimate Winter Skin Saviour

The associated changes in humidity during the winter months can be a serious irritation to your skin, for many causing bouts of sensitivity, redness, and irritation. Celebrities such as Lisa Faulkner, Leeann Rimes and Catherine Zeta Jones are all suffers of skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, redness and microcirculation problems.
Thankfully, award winning luxury spa brand [ comfort zone ] has introduced skin resonance, an innovative system that’s been specially designed for delicate and reactive skin that has a tendency towards sensitivity, particularly during the colder months.
This unique calming system uses an advanced formula to help intensify the skin’s natural defense mechanicism. Rich in precious dermocompatibile active ingredients, skin resonance boasts an exclusive complex that protects skin.

Skin Resonance Includes:

Skin Resonance Cream SPF 15
A protective formula to protect and nourish the skin, shielding from cold and windy climates. This innovative cream reduces signs of skin imperfections, such as redness and problems with microcirculation.
Active ingredients: echium oil, lipidic complex, white tea extract, anti-cold complex.

Skin Resonance Tonic
An alcohol free, fresh and delicate tonic with a calming and protective action… ideal used as a soothing mist spray for immediate soothing treatment.
Active ingredients: polysaccharide, anti-pollution agent, allantoin, licorice extract.

Skin Resonance Concentrate
An intensive treatment that is rich in polyphenols which reduces signs of skin imperfections, such as redness and microcirculation problems. For best results use with skin resonance cream, adding a few drops to reddened areas to improve the appearance of fragile and sensitive skin.
Active ingredients: white tea extract rich in polyphenols, escin.

The Skin Resonance range includes:

Skin Resonance Tonic: 125ml £18.50
Skin Resonance Peeling: 50ml £21.50
Skin Resonance Fluid: 30ml £36.95
Skin Resonance Cream spf15: 50ml £41.50
Skin Resonance Mask: 8x10ml £30.50
Skin Resonance Concentrate: 6x4ml £34.50

[ Comfort Zone ] Products are available from spas and salons nationwide.

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