Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Did You Receive Your Choice Of Fragrance For Christmas This Year?!

By now all our presents are well & truly gone from under the tree with most of us hopefully happy with what santa left for us (I certainly did pretty well!) However according to a recent survey commissioned by leading perfume house Givaudan (with TNS Omnibus), 46% of us British women do not receive the perfume of their choice at Christmas!!!

Here are some of the results -
• From the estimated £16.7 billion due to be spent in the UK this Christmas, fragrances for both men and women are high on the list.

• 46% of British women do not receive the perfume of their choice. More than a third of British men give away their fragrance gift because it is not the one they would have chosen.

• Southerners (64%), especially Londoners (67%), are more likely to be happy with their fragrance gift than Northerners (57%).

• Those from Wales are the hardest to buy perfume for, with a staggering 52% being disappointed with their gifts, compared to 32% from Greater London, the easiest men and women to buy for.

• Partners know your smell better than anyone else making them the ideal choice to buy you perfume this Christmas, but if their partner doesn’t, then almost a third of women rely on mum (25%) as the family member most likely to get their fragrance right.

• Friends are the worst at buying fragrance.

• Nearly three quarters of the population rely on dropping hints or just hoping for the best for Christmas.

Givaudan’s new iPhone app solves the problem by guiding users in choosing the right fragrance, sounds like a fairy godmother in gift buying, if only we had this before now!!!!!!

Linda Harman from Givaudan said,

Since launching the iPerfumer app for the iPhone back in July, we’ve seen an amazing response. Fragrance is a very personal thing and we wanted to remind people that we can help this Christmas. The right fragrance is a wonderful gift

About iPerfumer
iPerfumer is a personal fragrance consultant in your pocket, currently used by people in more than 150 countries.
Now available through free download from the iTunes App Store, iPerfumer is the first mobile perfume recommendation tool and this Christmas it will help to remove the confusion that often surrounds choosing perfume for others and yourself.

iPerfumer allows you to make an individual profile that then offers tailored advice on which perfumes you would like, providing you with a shortlist of fragrances best-suited to your individual character.

Unlike other perfume selection tools, iPerfumer does not rely purely on aromatic categorisation to make recommendations. Its suggestions are based on a mathematical calculation derived from the individual users and the fragrance preferences of the iPerfumer user community. Users can also find out which perfume on the market are liked by other perfume buyers.

Perfect for selecting the best fragrance in the Jan sales this year!

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