Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year Quick Fix Detox Kicks!

The annual New Year Detox ritual is here, but with so many treatments and so little time, how is a girl to choose? To find the right one to suit you we’ve rounded up a handful of the hottest spa trends and latest innovations in detox from spa guru From magical machines to heated tiger clam shells, these are sure-fire ways to kick-start your New Year cleanse and get you back on track…..quickly!


1) Hydrocolonic treatment at hydrohealing (from £80) – Detox and cleanse with a hydrocolonic treatment at hydrohealing - experts in preventative health solutions and colonic hydrotherapy in Notting Hill. You will be left feeling refreshed and revived after the treatment which exercises, tones and rinses the bowel, aiding the removal of build-up waste and detoxifying the region. Ideal for treating toxic overload and IBS. Hydrohealing also has a variety of Urban Detox programmes to suit a multitude of modern demands, with one day detoxes kick-starting with colonic hydrotherapy and tailored meals, as well as 3, 5 and 7 day options for optimum results.

2) Inch Loss Trial Session at London Beauty and Tanning (£10 - 50% off) – Rid yourself of those pesky pounds with the Inch Loss Trial at London Beauty and Tanning – an inch loss system that instantly firms and tones in only 17 minutes! Not a single sit up is required; the Arasys machine does all the work for you, stimulating your muscles and providing the same benefits as a strenuous workout. Toned stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks and waist at no effort! Where do we sign?

3) Lava Shells Tummy Massage (from £50) – using recycled, polished tiger clam shells from the Philippines that heat internally thanks to a sachet of dried sea kelp and algae, this variation of the lava shells body massage that focuses on the stomach will leave you less bloated, acting as a natural colonic cleanse in helping to move uncomfortable build ups in the digestive system. Handily available nationwide.


3 day Juice Detox programme at NOSH (from £102.50 - 20% off) – Have your detox delivered direct to your door with the NOSH detoxification juice programme. Consisting of 4 bottles of crushed, blended pure fruit and vegetables daily, and 2 litres of juice per day, the three day detox is designed to reduce nausea and release toxins effortlessly. Not only will the NOSH juice detox programme having you looking fresh and healthy, but you will receive a 20% discount when booking through Wahanda!

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