Thursday, 24 February 2011

Trend Report From London Fashion Week - Pilotto AW2011 With Chantecaille

The make-up look was created by make-up artist Lisa Houghton using Chantecaille. The look was all about the eyes - confident and vibrant with a strong personality.

“We were delighted to be collaborating with design duo Peter Pilotto for a second
season at London Fashion Week. We loved the evolution from last season’s classic Parisian look with its futuristic twist to this season's beautifully bold use of color." Olivia Chantecaille


“I wanted to create a beautifully flawless complexion with bright vibrant eyes. Future Skin is perfect for this look as it’s so light and hydrating. You can build it in layers to create the perfect coverage. The Lemongrass and Aqua eye shades were the exact shades I wanted to create bold and vibrant eyes.” Lead make-up artist Lisa Houghton

The face was prepped with flower harmonising cream and biodynamic lifting fluid to create a flawless matt finish.

A very pale complexion with a flawless finish was created using both Porcelain and Alabaster Future Skin Foundations and Subtle Loose Powder.

The cheeks were kept soft with a dusting of cheek shade Ecstasy.

Eyes were the main focus of the look. To create texture and rich colour Lisa Houghton crushed Iridescent Eye Shade in Lemongrass to create a chalky consistency - this was applied all over the eye socket. Lisa then blended Ecstasy cheek shade and Lilac Rose eye shade with a Brilliant Gloss, Crystalline to give it a shiny appearance and staying power. The eyes were finished with Menthe eye shade in the corners of the eye for definition and to the outer corners shocking Iridescent Eye Shade in Aqua.

Faux Cils mascara was applied to both top and bottom lash lines and eye brows were emphasised using Chantecaille brow definer.

The lips were kept understated with protective Lip Potion before applying Hydra Chic in Canna. To highlight a shimmer from the Tiger in the Wild palette was applied to the cupids bow only.

Flower Harmonising Cream £86
Biodynamic Lifting Fluid £205
Future Skin £55
Subtle Loose Powder £48
Cheek Shade Ecstasy £23
Iridescent Eye Shade in Lemongrass £23
Iridescent Eye Shade in Aqua £23
Iridescent Eye Shade in Lilac Rose £23
Shine Eye Shade in Menthe £23
Brilliant Gloss in Crystalline £23
Brow Definer £19
Faux Cils Mascara £33
Lip Potion £35
Hydra Chic in Canna £27
Tiger in the Wild Palette £73

Trend Report From London Fashion Week - Christopher Kane’s AW2011 With Chantecaille

Christopher Kane’s AW2011 collection is inspired by the pencil cases he had at school and lollipops. This season is all about wearability and sophistication.

“We were so excited to collaborate with Christopher Kane this season. He is a great artist with a very modern eye, who knows how to dress a woman and we both happen to share a love for color and florals. Each of the seasonal collections I create is based on current fashion trends - Christopher’s colours, especially from his SS2011collection, have had a strong influence on our palettes.” Olivia Chantecaille

“We’re delighted to be working with Chantecaille for our AW2011 show. The make-up is luxurious, elegant and feminine – so they are a perfect partner for the show.” Christopher Kane

“We wanted to create a cool, natural look, with a strong eye and soft lip. The collection was less elaborate than previous seasons and we wanted the make-up look to be as wearable and sophisticated as the clothes. Chantecaille foundations easily create a clean complexion and its chic colour palette perfectly translated the make-up look we wanted to create this season.” Lead Make-up Artist Lucia Pieroni

Skin was prepped with Rose Eye Make-up Remover, Flower Infused Cleansing Milk, Rose de Mai, Vital Essence and Lip Potion.

Future Skin was applied to even out the complexion, creating a dewy light texture. Aquablush in Brilliance was blended into the skin for shimmer followed by Bronzer in St Barths to contour under the cheeks.

Shine Eye Shade in Meteorite was applied all around the eyes followed by Pewter eye shade from Chantecaille’s Tiger in the Wild Palette - this shade was applied over meteorite and blended around the eye. To finish Shine Eye Shade in Rose Quartz was applied under the eye just below the lash line.
Eyebrows were left natural and only filled in if required withChantecaille Brow Definer. No mascara was applied.

Lip Definer in Nuance was applied followed by Lip Matte in Bloomfor a neutral, barely there matte finish.

Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment combined with Aquablush in Brilliance


Flower Infused Cleansing Milk - £45
Rose Eye Make-up Remover - £32
Rose Water - £45
Vital Essence - £72

Future Skin Foundation- £52
New Stick - £35
St Barths Bronzer - £36
Shine Eye Shade in Meteorite - £23
Shine Eye Shade in Rose Quartz - £23
Tiger in the Wild Palette - £73
Lip Definer in Nuance - £19
Lip Matte in Bloom - £23



Her statement, bleached blonde locks have been her trademark look since she arrived on our screens back in Popstars: The Rivals, but Sarah Harding unveiled a chocolate brown do’ over the weekend and we LOVE it!

To take the plunge like Sarah, hairdresser Lee Stafford, who has styled the Girls Aloud beauty’s hair in the past, says:

- There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to changing your hair colour, but there are plenty of guidelines to ensure that this process is less make or break.
- Take into consideration your skin tone and eye colour and ask friends for honest advice
- Be particularly careful when changing your colour at home. You must remember to put the protein back in after it has been stripped out so it remains lustrous and beautiful

- My Colour Love Shampoo and Conditioner are deeply intensive moisturisers, to refresh and revitalise coloured hair. The luxuriously thick formulas will help to repair the damage and drying effects that colouring can cause . . . keeping colour vibrant and hair in fantastic condition. Colour specific products are an absolute must for putting the moisture back after hair has been left battered and bruised by different colour processes

Lee’s Top Tip: "inbetween visits to the salon, disguise root regrowth with either of my TWO NEW shades of DRY SHAMPOO – I’ve brought out a mid brown and dark and it’s available in Boots stores now!"

Lee Stafford Colour Love Shampoo and Conditioner are priced at £5.10 and available exclusively to Boots and

Friday, 18 February 2011

Get The Look - Bafta Awards Glamour!

The award season has arrived and the red carpet is where celebrity glamour is in full view. At the Bafta Award ceremony last Sunday many celebrities flaunted classic 1950’s Hollywood make up of bold red lips and flawless skin which is a hot trend this season, one statement look being winged eye make up, as seen on the SS11 catwalks.
Get the look with Artistry Colour Cosmetics with their new SS11 collection and classic collection to achieve these ultra chic & on trend looks.

Jessica Alba - Get the Look
Artistry NEW Lip Colour in Apricot Blossom £21.60
Artistry NEW Cheek Duo in Sunset £29.45
Artistry Total Mascara in Black £17.10

Gemma Arterton - Get The Look
Artistry Crème Lip Colour in Rouge £13.30
Artistry Brow Define Liner in Deep/Soft Brown £9.60

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Monday, 14 February 2011

Make Your Valentines Scent Last Longer!

On Valentines Day you want your scent to last all the way through your romantic night out, here's some top tips on how to get the most from your signature fragrance!! Firstly you yourself should not be able to smell your perfume all night long, you will normally get used to the fragrance you're wearing & won't be able to smell it on yourself within an hour or so of applying it. If you can smell your perfume a lot longer than that you have probably applied far too much!!!!
Anyway here are some perfume application tips that you can use to help your fragrance last longer- Use a body lotion from the same fragrance under your perfume, it will intensify the scent. Go for the Eau de Parfume rather than the Eau de Toliete, the parfume has a higher concentration of fragrance which makes it last longer, this why they cost a little more.
Rubbing your wrists together apparently damages the chemical composition of the perfume which will cause the fragrance to break down quicker, so just spray!! Spray a little over the top of your head, this is where you loose most of your heat & the perfume scent will rise easily, keeping your fragrance lasting all night long! Why not try one of the most classic & romantic scents of all time, Chanel No5, Marilyn herself swore by it & apparently was the only item she wore in bed...
Happy Valentines Day!!!! xxxx

Seductive Valentines - Cheryl And Marilyn Have Best Winks Of All Time!!!

Eyelash fluttering makes a comeback according to No7!!
Trying to get a pay rise? Planning on asking someone on a date for Valentine’s Day? Why not try a well executed wink? New research by No7 reveals that this powerful body language tool is making a comeback thanks to eye fluttering celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry.
Commissioned to celebrate the launch of No7’s new Exquisite Curl Mascara and the launch of No7 Best Wink competition, the national poll reveals that Cheryl has one of the UK’s favourite winks, alongside Marilyn Monroe and Barbara Windsor.*

The UK’s top five winks of all time -
1. Marilyn Monroe winking on the 1959 film poster for Some Like It Hot
2. Betty Boop
3. Barbara Windsor’s trademark wink and wiggle in the Carry On films
4. Anne Robinson’s infamous wink at the end of the Weakest Link
5. Cheryl Cole winking on the red carpet at the 2010 Glamour Awards

A nation of winkers
One in three men and women questioned admit regularly winking at the opposite sex when flirting. While men are more comfortable winking (32%) women are closing the gap with one in five (24%) saying that they flutter their eyelashes as a cheeky icebreaker.
Thanks to Cheryl Cole and other glamorous celebrities like Katy Perry and Natalie Portman being spotted fluttering their eyelashes, more and more people are trying it out regularly with one in four women saying it makes them feel flirtatious and 15% claiming winking gives them a confidence boost. This is on top of nearly half of the population who regularly use the winking emoticon in emails and texts.
Corinne Sweet, TV and radio psychologist, explains that today’s stars are simply following in the footsteps of our ancestors. She said: “While the mechanic of winking may have changed over time women have ‘used’ their eyes and eyelashes for centuries to flirt and attract the opposite sex.
“The eyes themselves convey a wide range of emotion but the eyelashes can also be ‘used’ in fluttering ‘tells’. When we want to attract someone we know that enhancing the eyes, making the whites look whiter, the lashes look longer, is crucial to success. The Egyptians did it, as did the Aztecs and Victorians. It is a way of magnifying our primary and secondary sexual characteristics.”
Flic Everett, body language, flirting expert and broadcaster agrees: “A little wink meant for him is a sign that you’re watching him and indicates a promise of future intimacy. A good wink says, “I like you, but I’m not going to spell it out.” Wait till you’re about to walk away and give him a slow, confident wink. It draws attention to your eyes and your fabulous lashes.”

No7 creative director and make up artist to the stars, Lisa Eldridge adds: “A great wink starts with great lashes. With the launch of No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara, your lashes are in for an upgrade, as the brush coaxes them to a more beautifully curved and volumised look, with long lasting curl for up to 8 hours. The result? It curls lashes by up to 90 degrees to make eyes look more open for a flirty lift.”

This month No7 will be celebrating the iconic wink with a competition on Facebook to find the best wink. Fancy a flutter? The No7 Best Wink competition will run on Facebook and entries will be judged by an expert panel of Keeley Hawes, No7 creative consultant Lisa Eldridge and No7 Consultant of the year Dawn Cross. The judges are on the look-out for the woman who can dazzle and enchant – all with a single wink.

To launch the competition, Keeley Hawes stars in the new No7 TV advertising campaign which features the star attempting her best wink. Once you have caught your best wink by photo or video, simply upload your wink to the Facebook page The competition closes on 16th February 2011.

Friday, 11 February 2011


In an exciting industry coup, ModelCo, Australia’s fastest growing beauty brand, are thrilled to announce that they have signed style queen Dannii Minogue as the International Face of their best-selling lash product FIBRE LASH BRUSH ON LASHES, making it the first ever beauty campaign that Dannii has put her name too.

‘‘I’m a self professed beauty junkie and ModelCo has been a favourite for years. Why? Because they have the most innovative products that really work. FIBRE LASH is a must-have in my makeup kit. Lovely super long lashes that are all you - look super perfect and make you flutter! Girls…….bring back the bat of the eyelid! It is the best flirting you can ever do.’’ Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue will feature in the ModelCo’s FIBRE LASH BRUSH ON LASHES Advertising Campaign which will launch exclusively into Boots. from June 2011.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Organic Kissing this Valentine’s from Dr Bronner’s

Make sure your kisses are as purely perfect as they are organically pure this Valentine’s Day with Dr Bronner’s Organic Lip Balms (RRP £2.95). These certified organic lip balms are scented using organic essential oils, containing no synthetic ingredients or preservatives, meaning you can feel good about your kisses this Valentine’s as well as puckering up with a picture-perfect pout.

This mouth-watering range of 100% Organic Lip Balms comes in a variety of sumptuous flavours including Lemon lime, Naked, Orange Ginger and Peppermint. All contain jojoba, avocado oil and hemp oil moisturisers which are locked in with beeswax to soothe tired, chapped lips and leaving them in tip top silky soft sumptuousness. The natural ingredients melt into delicate skin from the very first application, protecting lips from the elements and helping them to stay feeling fabulous, looking healthy and smelling beautiful.

Only the finest natural, USDA certified organic ingredients are used in all Dr. Bronner’s products, with large portions of profits (between 30% to 70%) donated to charities each year.
Dr. Bronner’s is available UK nationwide at Liberty, select Waitrose stores and leading health shops including Fresh & Wild, Planet Organic and Whole Foods.

Sexy, Glossy Hair For Valentines!

If you flirt with change and love to try new styles and colour but your hair struggles to keep up, then Sexy Hair has the solution.

Give your hair some oomph and energy and restore its health with Healthy Sexy Hair’s fantastic Reinvent Top Coat gloss.

Designed to nourish, moisturise and restore hair to full-on glory this is the perfect way to repair naturally or chemically damaged hair, and rebuild, refresh and prolong colour. You can be confident of shiny hair results bursting with vitality and have the look you want and keep hair in great condition, too.

This new hero finishing product is the latest addition to the Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent range, and it’s a power-pack of health.

- Enlivening colour while delivering exceptional shine and silkiness and

- Revitalising dull, faded hair with its unique blend of colour-preserving ingredients’s a double whammy of good fortune and means you can relish in a healthy, luxurious salon glow wherever you are!

The inclusion of Coconut Extract helps to nourish the hair, moisturising and smoothing Rice Bran Oil and Passion Fruit Oil penetrate deeply for long-lasting shine and manageability.
Strengthening the hair, the addition of Bamboo extract and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein are invaluable. Finally, repairing action comes from Acai Berry (rich in antioxidants) and the anti-aging properties of Omega 6 fatty acids promote improved hair strength and elasticity.

It’s a lust-have must-have for healthy hair!

Available in retail and travel size, Healthy Sexy Hair’s new Top Coat is what every best-looking head of hair will be wearing from now onwards! RRP £12.99. or call 0845 230 9660.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Top Tips from Lisa Eldridge on how to look seductive this Valentine's Day

How To Make Your Wink Stand Out With The Perfect Look From Nº7 -

The flirty wink is back in fashion as modern, confident and sexy women everywhere embrace the f lutter. Whether you’re a fan of the knowing wink ala Anne Robinson, old-fashioned seductive wink ala Marilyn Monroe or flirty Bond Girl wink ala Caroline Munroe, it’s all about the eyes this February.

Follow Lisa Eldridge, Nº7 Creative Consultant’s step-by-step guide on how to make your wink stand out as shown in the image of Keeley Hawes.


· Firstly, make sure you shape and define your eyebrows with a pencil like Nº7 Precision Brow Pencil in Brown, £10.50

· Keep eyes natural by sweeping a layer of Nº7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Mink, £8.50

· Then flick No7 Amazing Liquid Eye Liner in Black, £9.25 into the corner of each eye

· Apply two coats of Nº7 Exquisite Curl Mascara in either Black, or Brown/Black, £13.50 for curvy lashes with a sexy flutter. It will coax them to a more beautifully curved and volumised look, ready to give off the perfect wink


· Now it’s the time to inject a pop of colour. Add a touch of No7 Blush Tint Cream Blush in Blossom, £10.50 to both cheeks

· Highlight your cheekbones with Nº7 Skin Illuminator in either Peach or Pink, £11.50. Its iridescent particles will allow your skin to shimmer in the light leaving you with a healthy looking glow


· Keep lips natural by applying No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Tranquille Rose, £10.50 and finish with a sweep of No7 High Shine Lip-gloss in Hint

A great wink starts with great lashes. With the launch of No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara, your lashes are in for an upgrade. The unique formula with curl-setting polymer helps keep lashes lifted throughout the day. The result? It curls lashes up to 90 degrees and lasts up to eight hours. Eyes look more open and lashes extended from root to tip – get ready to va va voom! Available in Black and Black/brown. Available now in Boots stores nationwide and on

With these top tips on how to enhance your seductive look, you’re sure to cause a stir whenever you wink.

To celebrate the launch today of No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara, the brand is now scouring the UK and Ireland to find the real woman with the best example of this ultimate flirty expression.

Once you have caught your best wink on camera, simply upload it to the Facebook page from 26th January 2011. The competition closes on 16th February 2011.

New From Bobbi Brown - Extra Repair Serum

Bobbi Brown have just released this fantastic new serum, just in time to give us some winter TLC for our weather beaten complexions! The new 'Extra Repair Serum' is a great solution for dry skin as it is 'luxurious & milky' it will comfort & soothe the skin as it intensely moisturises. It's anti ageing ingredients such as Vitamin C & powerful Peptides reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, with Meadowfoam Seed Oil to hydrate giving your skin a radiant glow! Perfect for applying under your daily moisturiser before your make-up routine for a flawless finish.

"This serum not only feels great the moment it goes on, but it also helps the skin look better day after day." - Bobbi Brown

£60.00 -

Latest Spring Make-Up Trends With MyFace Cosmetics


Artistic Director of myface cosmetics, Kabuki, says:

“classic beauty with a metallic glow is to be a major trend in 2011. To create the perfect, glam eye, use myface.cosmetics blingtone eyeshadow in Purple Haze (£9.99, Boots). pencil the inside of the eye with the high definition eye pencil in black (£6.99, Boots) and use lots of mascara to finish off the statement look”


Available from Boots Stores


This week, singer, actress and mother, Jennifer Lopez was revealed as Venus’s first ever global ambassador, an announcement they're all very excited to share with us!

Renowned for her show-stopping glamour, J-Lo is a fan of the fabulous Venus range for enabling her – and women all over the world – to get touchable smooth legs in the comfort of their own home.

Speaking about the partnership Jennifer says: “The Venus brand empowers women and speaks to the ‘goddess’ in everyone of us. Every woman is a goddess in her own right when we let our best feminine self shine through. Venus keeps my legs looking beautiful, giving me the confidence to feel just like a goddess.”