Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lily Lolo: New Product Announcement – Natural Eye Liner

It has been confirmed that mineral and natural cosmetics brand Lily Lolo has found the perfect 100% natural eye liner formula.
Having spent several months perfecting the eye liner base, Lily Lolo is now delighted with the finished product and has announced 8th March as the official launch date.
After a product test giveaway, brand follower Vanessa said:
“The pencil texture is really nice, applied easily and looks great. The pencil is soft enough to go on smoothly but not too soft that it smudges off easily.”
The pencils are in fact beautifully soft and smudgy, with great staying power. They’ll glide onto your lids really easily and are great for smudging to achieve the smoky eye look.
Containing both vitamin E and C with antioxidant and protective properties, the eye liners are an absolute must have for your makeup bag at only £7 (trade £3.50), available from
Available in four shades, black, brown, khaki and blue; the eye liners will officially launch alongside the new look Lily Lolo website in early March but are already available to salons and independent stockists across the UK.
The pencils add to an already highly sought after collection, as products initially designed for a niche market have become mainstream with the increased consumer demand and trend for natural products.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Latest Make-Up Trends From Paris Fashion Week - Jan 2010

The latest Spring/Summer season's Make-Up Trends at Paris Fashion Week has been all about eyes & lips with a 'Pale & Interesting' theme certainly a popular style! At Dior (John Galliano) with Make-Up Artist Pat McGrath it was all very 19th century inspired with big hair, perfect cupid bows & arched brows (Featured Above). All the shows from Givenchy to Chanel seemed to have the same thing in common - porcelain skin with a high matte finish & a rich colour to the eyes & lips. So if these trends are anything to go by, we'll all be tucking our bronzer away this summer!

Check out some more Pics from the Runways this week -

Givenchy - Going for stark gothic eyes matched with blood red lips, the pale base gives a ghostly effect on the runway.

Dior - Pale complexions with bold eyes & lips give the period style to the make-up

Stephane Rolland - Again similar to Givenchy the make-up gives a very intense gothic look on the eyes & lips.

Chanel - A much softer & wearable version of the porcelain look, the eyes are defined & lips perfectly painted to stand out Also nails are painted in metallic silver, definitely a shade to watch out for this year!

Megan Fox attends Paris Fashion Week & takes on the porcelain trend herself is classic Hollywood vintage style!

Cold Weather Beauty - Body Shop Hemp Face Protector

With the harsh weather set to batter the UK again by the end of the week, get prepared & protect your skin..! As we know cold wind as well as rain & snow can have harmful effects on the skin, such as drying, chapping & dehydrating, so that it looses it's soft supple appearance. Anyway take action with the Body Shop's fab 'Hemp Face Protector', it contains hemp seed oil which contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's barriers to restore the skins moisture & smooth, soft appearance. As well as this it includes Shea Butter & Bees Wax to naturally sooth & protect the skin. Many fantastic reviews from happy purchasers which included 5 star ratings with many saying the cream beats even some the expensive high end brands such as Clarins! Also some say the moisturising & healing results were better than E45 & what's better is the cream also has a lovely light fragrance making it pleasant to use, as well as light on application without being greasy or sticky while soothing the skin instantly.
Available at The Body Shop - £8.00

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Aveeno Discoverer Programme

Check out the new AVEENO® Discoverer programme has been created for fans of AVEENO®, so that they can share their thoughts and experiences of our brand and our products with other people and with us.

To join the programme you need to sign up via the website, and if you’re accepted you’ll be sent an AVEENO® Discoverers Welcome Pack filled with products, information and tips for sharing your experiences with people.
The website is available at

Accepted members will also receive samples of new AVEENO® products before they are available to buy, as well as having access to exclusive areas on and offers from AVEENO®

Members will be able to earn Buzz Report and Friends Points though which, if you become one of our top 10 active AVEENO® Discoverers, you may receive even more benefits.

There is also a new addition to the AVEENO® product range, AVEENO® Creamy Oil - which contains naturally active ingredients colloidal oatmeal and sweet almond oil, and moisturises like an oil but absorbs like a cream.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Red Carpet Glamour At The National Television Awards

Last night saw thew national Television Awards being held at the O2 in London, all our favourite TV Stars were out on force for their very own Oscars & of course the best bit for us - the red carpet!
I my opinion, XFactor girls Dannii & Cheryl stole the night with their impeccable dress sense as well as flawless make-up (as always!!). Danni opted for a very vintage chic look to match her striking dress choice with Cheryl sporting her trade mark smokey eyes while going for a high impact Stephanie Rolland gown!
An extra celebration for the Xfactor team as well as some added sparkle & glow for Danni, as she announced officially that she is 3 months pregnant - receiving a lot of pats on her tummy throughout the evening!

Glamour all the way for BFF's Katie Price & Michelle Heaton who accompanied one another along the red carpet, as usual it's full on eyelashes for Katie (who is said to wear about 3 sets of lashes in one go!).

A small faux pas perhaps with Loose Women as Sherrie Hewson opts for a see-through black top, although at 59 you have to take your hat off to her for still upping the glamour stakes, also her make-up is fab! Plus I have to say Carol Griffen, at 49, has a figure to die for!

A few other red carpet favourites from the evening are below - Davina McCall, Holly Willoughby & Amanda Holden.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

NEW EGO Styling Tools - Review

For so long GHD's stylers were the way to go & every girl was holding on to her precious set for dear life (!!), well not any more, there are now many more options to look at to get that professional finish to your hair each day.
Newly launched on the market are Ego Hair Straighteners - a professional product that gives you excellent results. I have been lucky enough to try out a set over the last week & I have to say that any iron that can tame my frizzy hair to a sleek finish has certainly accomplished a difficult task! I have been delighted with the results, as a regular GHD user/addict, I have found these are in fact easier to use, they glide effortlessly through my hair leaving smooth shiny locks. This is due to a new mineral rich technology (HW2) which gives powerful results removing toxins & static from the hair whilst retaining moisture & cushioning the hair from any heat damage as well as reducing styling time. The best part about these is you can also adjust the heat setting, I find one thing with GHD's & certain other ceramic irons is that they get too hot & almost 'frazzle' your hair straight so you have that over straightened appearance - not a good look! You can get a much softer finish with these while still maintaining sleek shiny hair, they are also brilliant at creating soft curls, I love the effect straightening irons can have when curling hair & these can create beautiful soft waves as well, as they are easy to control with the heat settings giving even more flexibilty on the style. So in my opinion definitely the latest rival on the market!! Here's some more detailed info from Ego themselves on the products available -

In Their Own Words -
Our busy lives are fragmented into a myriad of roles and these days ‘one size fits all’ styling just won’t do. We demand versatility, variety and the right to express the person we are at that moment. EGO liberates our look and lets us say ‘I am who I am’ with style.
The polished exterior of each tool embraces superb functionality and some brand new nature inspired technology that detoxes, de-frizzes and de-stresses every strand, leaving it healthy and sleek. EGO is about SELF expression and putting the ‘I’ in personal IDENTITY. Two irons, one tong and a dryer are the first releases in this ‘tools for life’ range that is shaped around modern needs.

Get involved with your full style potential and be an EGOTIST, choose from:

Big on style, power and performance
Broad irons for statement styling with a polished exterior and ribbed outer body that inspires curl too.
The plates heat fast with fully adjustable settings and an ergonomic shape and weight that’s a dream to use.
RRP £109.99

The mini styler that’s big on features
Just perfect for shorter styles but is also versatile and precise. You can straighten, wave or curl with one nifty and capable tool.
RRP £89.99

Don’t just make an entrance, blow them away No less than 8 heat and speed settings define this ergonomic dryer as the ultimate in efficiency and usability.
The generous 10 foot swivel cord is pure freedom plus it’s lightweight but powerful with a full 2000 watt motor. The dryer is packed with HW2 technology to improve hair quality and manageability that’s all achieved in next to no time.
RRP £109.99

The art of getting noticed, with a twist
No hair disobeys the iron will of this tong that includes fully adjustable temperature control for frizz free curls.
The evenly distributed heat and HW2 technology guarantees an even and lasting curl.
RRP £89.99

Check Out their Website -

Monday, 18 January 2010

Skin Perfector - Stila's "One Step Make-Up'

Stila's new solution to perfect skin in one step is a fantastic foundation 'One Step Make-Up' that combines all the benefits of a primer, foundation, concealer and powder in one long-wearing formula! It provides a medium coverage & contains Stila's exclusive Ionic Mineral Complex (TM) that reads and reacts to your skin, visibly priming, balancing, correcting, and optimizing for a perfect flawless finish. Easy to blend the foundation smooths over the skin, hydrating, minimizing pores, regulating oil, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, what more could you ask for in a foundation!
Suitable for all skin types it is made from 100% natural mineral pigments & Paraben free.

The Most Advanced Make Over Tool - iSurgeon

Well it was only a matter of time before such a, in my opinion, controversial item was available for us to toy around with the idea of plastic surgery.. Of course I am not against cosmetic procedures at all, but not too sure if we need so much encouragement! However the latest game to download on iTunes 'iSurgeon' does have it's advantages of course for those already seriously considering having any procedures carried out, it is a very easy way for them to see results & decide whether it is indeed for them or not. But I'd hate to think it could encourage others who wouldn't have normally considered this, giving them the idea that a perfect version of themselves is something they should strive for! Also plastic surgery is something to give serious consideration too, not just an idea to play with on a whim! Anyway all the details are below as well as a demo from You Tube so make of it what you will, I'm sure it will undoubtedly be a huge hit on iTunes this year despite the reserved judgement of some...

iSurgeon – the most advanced beauty makeover App available in the iTunes App store –combines personal image modification with high tech gaming features for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Introduced by Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer and author of famed children’s book “My Beautiful Mommy”, iSurgeon provides an instant view of what any user would look like with plastic surgery. Those considering cosmetic surgery can now leave the photos of celebrities torn out of magazines at home when visiting a plastic surgeon and come in with their own personalized, digitally enhanced image.

iSurgeon features two modes: Game Mode and Advanced Surgery Mode. Both include procedures Dr. Salzhauer offers in his own Miami practice including: nose jobs, breast augmentations, cheek implants, tummy tucks, liposuctions, face lifts, lip enhancements, and ear reshaping.

Game Mode
The Game Mode gives you the opportunity to play a plastic surgeon, “operating” on any of the four pre-programmed images to enhance their cosmetic appearance. Before each “surgery” procedure, users can tap the “hint” button on their screen to view an image of their “patients” desired results. The goal of the game is to emulate the desired look as closely as possible. Using the iPhone/iPod Touch’s touch screen capabilities, the user will be able to modify the subject’s physical appearance, scoring points for each successful enhancement. Game Mode is complete with realistic sound effects.

Advanced Surgery Mode
Long gone are the days of staring in the mirror wondering what you’d look like with a smaller nose or fuller lips! During the Advanced Surgery Mode, you can modify images taken with your iPhone/iPod Touch or images already stored in your phone of yourself or friends. Within seconds, you can see what you would look like after various cosmetic surgeries without leaving your front door. Available at your fingertips, the Advanced Surgery Mode provides results in seconds. Additionally, Facebook and email are conveniently built into the App allowing you to quickly share results.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Get A Healthy Start To The Year - Free Personal Training Sessions With Mitchum!

Buy any Mitchum antiperspirant deodorant from the men's or women's ranges and get a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION IN JANUARY 2010 exclusive to Boots stores.

Never has it been easier to kick start your January detox and start as you mean to go on as Mitchum Deodrant are offering a FREE Personal Training Session for everyone who buys a deodrant in Boots this month (one Personal Training session per person)

Mitchum offer a full line of high performance antiperspirant deodorants for men and women, including aerosols, roll-ons and sticks. Clinically tested for powerful 48-hour protection, they fight odour for total confidence, with a full range of female and male varieties for all major antiperspirant fragrance needs, including fragrance free.

Check out a few reviews on Mitchum the products -

"This is by far the best deodorant I have ever tried."

"This deodorant is the only one I've found that actually prevents you from sweating."

"I've been using this product for quite a few years and think it's the best product ever made. I searched through many products and paid ridiculous prices due to having a problem and this product is by far the best."

And now get fit with Mitchum! Just purchase any Mitchum antiperspirant from a selected Boots store and you can get a free personal trainer session.

How to redeem -

* Purchase any Mitchum antiperspirant deodorant from a Boots store
* Retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
* Text the promotional code 'MITCHUM' to 60777
* Receive your unique registration code
* Book your free session with an NRPT (National Register of Personal Trainers) personal trainer – at a location convenient for you

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cold Weather Beauty From Bobbi Brown

With the sub zero temperatures taking their toll on our skin Bobbi Brown has some great simple answers to keeping that gorgeous perfect fresh glow to our complexions! Here are just few recommendations for the winter months -

Vitamin Enriched Face base - £33.50
With dry, chapped & flaky skin this hydrating oil-free cream can turn your skin into a smooth canvas for a seamless makeup application. This is recommended as the first step in preparing the skin for a smooth makeup application. Rich but non-greasy, the formula includes Shea Butter which instantly hydrates & softens the skin, while carrot extract and Vitamin A Complex help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles & Vitamins C and E help protect against the cold weather.

Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks - £16.50
These are creamy colours that blend easily on the apples of your cheeks for a soft, just in-from-the-cold flush, also perfect for a sheer colour on the lips too. Blend softly on the cheeks or lips for a sheer finish
Bobbi Brown's Tip for Application : For easy, finger-free application, use a clean Foundation Brush to apply Pot Rouge. Start on the apple of the cheek, then blend out and down toward the hairline.
For best results on cheeks, use fingers or Makeup Wedge to apply. Start on the apples of cheeks, blending up towards hairline, then downwards to blend and soften colour. For drier skins, be sure to moisturise skin first. Can also be applied to lips with fingers or the Lip Brush.

Moisturising Cream Compact Foundation - £26.00
A foundation that acts like a moisturiser & conditions dehydrated skin that has been damaged by the cold weather. With foundations always go for one shade lighter than you would in the summer time.
This is an emollient based compact formula which provides all day long wear as well as moisturisation, instantly softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to deliver a perfect glowing complexion. Includes ingredients that prevent moisture loss as well as Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil to moisturise and condition. Ideal for Normal to Dry Skins.

All Available at & with every order over £60 treat yourself to a free sample of Bobbi's New Extra Eye Repair Cream.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Protect Your Skin From The Big Freeeze!!!


The cold weather and festive season combine to take the best from your skin and leave it dry even after daily moisturising. Arbonne has a selection of ultra hydrating products which are long lasting and specially formulated for body and face.

Keep your skin soft and supple with these fabulous products from Arbonne:

SeaSource Detox Spa Re Mineralising Body Lotion 24H - £32.50

An all over body lotion which brings a luxurious spa experience to all your senses. The botanically based formula is enriched with sea kelp, plankton extract, shea butter, olive oil extract and vitamins E and B5. It combines highly responsive, marine botanicals with European spa sciences that help to prepare skin to perform its proper functions.

Developed to help firm and tone the appearance of tired looking skin, this product uses hydro- trap technology to form an effective moisture shield for the skin and provide 24 hour moisture replenishment.

FC5 Hydrating Eye Crème - £25

A unisex product, suitable for all skin types, this is a key part of the UK’s first fresh cell range. This eye crème is designed for ultra hydration and radiance. It works with UVA and UVB protection to help to prevent signs of aging, preserve younger looking skin and protect from the sun and elements. The product and packaging are created using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) materials.

It also benefits from Moisture Fresh™ Complex - a unique blend of botanicals including St. John’s Wort and extracts of cucumber, birch leaf, watercress and clover blossom which combine to soothe and condition dry or sensitive skin such as that around the eyes.
This blend is carefully selected to help preserve and protect through hydration.

It uses Arbonne exclusive, first of its kind, fresh cell technology with cell nutrients from five nourishing fruits and vegetables, hence the FC5 tag. Along with the rest of the FC5 range, it was developed by expert Dr Peter Matravers, who has drawn on over 25 years of product development experience with Aveda and many other major brands. His accomplishments include proprietary ingredient development, creative formulations, new methodologies and, he has received over 20 US and international patents in these areas.

This product specifically benefits from kiwi cell extracts, an extraordinary source of antioxidants. Fresh cell technology protects cell nutrients as they are extracted and results in an unparalleled freshness. FC5 is innovative because the plant cells it uses can deliver more effective and more potent ingredients to the skin because of their preserved freshness.

FC5 Moisturizing Night Crème - £41

This unisex crème is developed for normal/dry skin and uses Arbonne exclusive, first of its kind, fresh cell technology which protects cell nutrients as they are extracted. The uniquely captured fresh cell nutrients remain encapsulated until they are applied to the skin at which point they are released, in this case through the night.

Its formula is scientifically advanced and utilises fresh mango extracts, a fruit known for its nurturing and hydrating properties, which get to work while you are sleeping. This botanical blend is carefully selected to help preserve and protect through hydration. A more intense treatment, this crème will be absorbed throughout your sleep.

It also benefits from Moisture Fresh™ Complex - a unique blend of botanicals including St. John’s Wort and extracts of cucumber, birch leaf, watercress and clover blossom which combine to soften and condition skin.

All products are available through an excellent nationwide network of Arbonne Independent Consultants.
Visit or call Customer Services on 0800 977 5721 to locate your nearest consultant and purchase products.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Celebrity Skin On A Budget - Skin Wisdom

Another look great for less product this January is the amazing budget range from Skin Wisdom (available from Tesco), their wonder product which is described as a celebrity face lift in a tube is the 'Instant Beauty Balm! Again it's rapidly becoming a cult favourite to it's more expensive sister product 'Clarin's Beauty Flash Balm', developed by top skin expert & facialist Bharti Vyas it is said to give 'instant youth' effects by immediately hydrating & illuminating the skin, just few of some happy recent reviewers have commented - 'Brilliant,’ ‘I saw the difference in a week. The dark circles under my eyes were not so intense.’
& another quoted - ‘Plumper, firmer, hydrated, smoother, glowing. It’s the best moisturiser I’ve tried.’
So why not try it for yourself at £5.86 a tube you can't go wrong!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Top New Year Budget Buys To Look Fantastic - Lacura Concealer Pen

With the New Year behind us it's detox & budget-wise all the way for January! Everybody wants to eliminate as well as hide all those tell tale signs of the over indulgence & partying over the festive season!!! So this week we're searching out all the top products to brighten, camouflage & enhance our weary bods at a purse friendly price tag, kicking us into a healthy 2010!!!!
First up is Lacura Concealer Pen available available from Aldi, set to be a top cult product this year, this concealer will definitely be a rival to it's more expensive sibling YSL's Touche Eclat! The brightening product works wonders under those tired hungover eyes giving you that lost sparkle back, also works perfectly over the cheeks as well, lightly blend through to give a light base for a brightened complexion. Get your skates on though as a they are set to be a sell out with the budget price tag at only £3.59!!!!