Tuesday, 19 January 2010

NEW EGO Styling Tools - Review

For so long GHD's stylers were the way to go & every girl was holding on to her precious set for dear life (!!), well not any more, there are now many more options to look at to get that professional finish to your hair each day.
Newly launched on the market are Ego Hair Straighteners - a professional product that gives you excellent results. I have been lucky enough to try out a set over the last week & I have to say that any iron that can tame my frizzy hair to a sleek finish has certainly accomplished a difficult task! I have been delighted with the results, as a regular GHD user/addict, I have found these are in fact easier to use, they glide effortlessly through my hair leaving smooth shiny locks. This is due to a new mineral rich technology (HW2) which gives powerful results removing toxins & static from the hair whilst retaining moisture & cushioning the hair from any heat damage as well as reducing styling time. The best part about these is you can also adjust the heat setting, I find one thing with GHD's & certain other ceramic irons is that they get too hot & almost 'frazzle' your hair straight so you have that over straightened appearance - not a good look! You can get a much softer finish with these while still maintaining sleek shiny hair, they are also brilliant at creating soft curls, I love the effect straightening irons can have when curling hair & these can create beautiful soft waves as well, as they are easy to control with the heat settings giving even more flexibilty on the style. So in my opinion definitely the latest rival on the market!! Here's some more detailed info from Ego themselves on the products available -

In Their Own Words -
Our busy lives are fragmented into a myriad of roles and these days ‘one size fits all’ styling just won’t do. We demand versatility, variety and the right to express the person we are at that moment. EGO liberates our look and lets us say ‘I am who I am’ with style.
The polished exterior of each tool embraces superb functionality and some brand new nature inspired technology that detoxes, de-frizzes and de-stresses every strand, leaving it healthy and sleek. EGO is about SELF expression and putting the ‘I’ in personal IDENTITY. Two irons, one tong and a dryer are the first releases in this ‘tools for life’ range that is shaped around modern needs.

Get involved with your full style potential and be an EGOTIST, choose from:

Big on style, power and performance
Broad irons for statement styling with a polished exterior and ribbed outer body that inspires curl too.
The plates heat fast with fully adjustable settings and an ergonomic shape and weight that’s a dream to use.
RRP £109.99

The mini styler that’s big on features
Just perfect for shorter styles but is also versatile and precise. You can straighten, wave or curl with one nifty and capable tool.
RRP £89.99

Don’t just make an entrance, blow them away No less than 8 heat and speed settings define this ergonomic dryer as the ultimate in efficiency and usability.
The generous 10 foot swivel cord is pure freedom plus it’s lightweight but powerful with a full 2000 watt motor. The dryer is packed with HW2 technology to improve hair quality and manageability that’s all achieved in next to no time.
RRP £109.99

The art of getting noticed, with a twist
No hair disobeys the iron will of this tong that includes fully adjustable temperature control for frizz free curls.
The evenly distributed heat and HW2 technology guarantees an even and lasting curl.
RRP £89.99

Check Out their Website - www.ego-haircare.com

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