Friday, 6 September 2013

New No7 Match Made Concealers

Finally the wait is over for finding a concealer that matches your skin tone with the launch of No7 New Match Made Concealers, £7.50.  Through the No7 Match Made Service, women can now find their perfect foundation shade, format, texture and now the equivalent concealer– the perfect combination for achieving a natural and flawless complexion.

Concealer is a beauty essential for 80% of women but only half believe it matches their skin tone.  In response to this, No7 has created a range of concealers that are in line with No7’s palette of skin true shades and supported by the colour matching technology, to ensure women can now find the exact shade of concealer to match their foundation and skin tone.

Whilst a bright lip or pop of blusher will make you feel great, feeling truly gorgeous starts with great looking skin and finding the right foundation and concealer shade is the first step.  

To find your ideal shade of foundation and concealer partner, the No7 Match Made Service involves just two simple steps:

1.       The trained No7 advisor places the unique device on the jaw-line and takes two readings. Using a series of coloured and ultraviolet lights the device assesses the colour values of facial skin and matches them to one of the 17 skin-true foundation shades, available across the range of No7 foundations and now concealers.

2.       A consultation with the No7 advisor then pinpoints exactly what the foundation needs to do in terms of texture, benefits and finish, narrowing the search down to a single product: your dream No7 foundation. This is then complemented with just the right concealer.
Containing vitamin E to care for the skin, allantoin to soothe the skin and its powders will help keep skin shine free all day, rose oil to moisturise, the No7 Match Made Concealers are available in 17 shades to complement each of the foundation colours.  Covering any flaws, blemishes and age spots it will provide coverage for up to 16 hours, achieving long-lasting and a beautifully even skin tone.
allantoin is to soothe the skin and its powders to help keep skin shine free all day.

“Since the launch of the No7 Match Made Service we have helped so many women find their perfect shade and texture of foundation.  From talking to women they said a concealer that matched their skin tone was the number one product they would like added to the service, so we are expecting this to be a huge hit. Having the right shade of foundation and concealer to match your skin tone is the ideal combination for not only achieving an impeccable base but younger looking skin too”. No7 Advisor, Jay Hickson, from Manchester

To achieve the perfect flawless complexion a foundation will even out your skin tone and cover minor blemishes, but it’s the addition of a concealer used on targeted areas that will help create a fabulous and naturally looking base.  No7 Advisor, Jay Hickson, from Manchester explains the best application techniques to achieve optimum results with the new concealers: 

1.       For extra coverage start by applying concealer before foundation.  For particular problem areas you can then apply concealer again after foundation.  If this is the case, for best results it is important to use a patting motion to avoid disturbing the concealer or foundation.
2.       To start, place the concealer onto the back of your hand and then transfer using a concealer brush.
3.       Apply in a few thin layers rather than in one thick application and use your fingers to pat or smooth the concealer into the skin. The heat from your fingers will help blend the concealer.
4.       Finish off by applying a little powder to help set the foundation and concealer to provide maximum staying power.
The New No7 Match Made Concealers are available in 17 shades, from the 4th September, priced at £7.50 each.

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