Monday, 18 January 2010

The Most Advanced Make Over Tool - iSurgeon

Well it was only a matter of time before such a, in my opinion, controversial item was available for us to toy around with the idea of plastic surgery.. Of course I am not against cosmetic procedures at all, but not too sure if we need so much encouragement! However the latest game to download on iTunes 'iSurgeon' does have it's advantages of course for those already seriously considering having any procedures carried out, it is a very easy way for them to see results & decide whether it is indeed for them or not. But I'd hate to think it could encourage others who wouldn't have normally considered this, giving them the idea that a perfect version of themselves is something they should strive for! Also plastic surgery is something to give serious consideration too, not just an idea to play with on a whim! Anyway all the details are below as well as a demo from You Tube so make of it what you will, I'm sure it will undoubtedly be a huge hit on iTunes this year despite the reserved judgement of some...

iSurgeon – the most advanced beauty makeover App available in the iTunes App store –combines personal image modification with high tech gaming features for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Introduced by Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer and author of famed children’s book “My Beautiful Mommy”, iSurgeon provides an instant view of what any user would look like with plastic surgery. Those considering cosmetic surgery can now leave the photos of celebrities torn out of magazines at home when visiting a plastic surgeon and come in with their own personalized, digitally enhanced image.

iSurgeon features two modes: Game Mode and Advanced Surgery Mode. Both include procedures Dr. Salzhauer offers in his own Miami practice including: nose jobs, breast augmentations, cheek implants, tummy tucks, liposuctions, face lifts, lip enhancements, and ear reshaping.

Game Mode
The Game Mode gives you the opportunity to play a plastic surgeon, “operating” on any of the four pre-programmed images to enhance their cosmetic appearance. Before each “surgery” procedure, users can tap the “hint” button on their screen to view an image of their “patients” desired results. The goal of the game is to emulate the desired look as closely as possible. Using the iPhone/iPod Touch’s touch screen capabilities, the user will be able to modify the subject’s physical appearance, scoring points for each successful enhancement. Game Mode is complete with realistic sound effects.

Advanced Surgery Mode
Long gone are the days of staring in the mirror wondering what you’d look like with a smaller nose or fuller lips! During the Advanced Surgery Mode, you can modify images taken with your iPhone/iPod Touch or images already stored in your phone of yourself or friends. Within seconds, you can see what you would look like after various cosmetic surgeries without leaving your front door. Available at your fingertips, the Advanced Surgery Mode provides results in seconds. Additionally, Facebook and email are conveniently built into the App allowing you to quickly share results.

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