Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sexy, Glossy Hair For Valentines!

If you flirt with change and love to try new styles and colour but your hair struggles to keep up, then Sexy Hair has the solution.

Give your hair some oomph and energy and restore its health with Healthy Sexy Hair’s fantastic Reinvent Top Coat gloss.

Designed to nourish, moisturise and restore hair to full-on glory this is the perfect way to repair naturally or chemically damaged hair, and rebuild, refresh and prolong colour. You can be confident of shiny hair results bursting with vitality and have the look you want and keep hair in great condition, too.

This new hero finishing product is the latest addition to the Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent range, and it’s a power-pack of health.

- Enlivening colour while delivering exceptional shine and silkiness and

- Revitalising dull, faded hair with its unique blend of colour-preserving ingredients’s a double whammy of good fortune and means you can relish in a healthy, luxurious salon glow wherever you are!

The inclusion of Coconut Extract helps to nourish the hair, moisturising and smoothing Rice Bran Oil and Passion Fruit Oil penetrate deeply for long-lasting shine and manageability.
Strengthening the hair, the addition of Bamboo extract and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein are invaluable. Finally, repairing action comes from Acai Berry (rich in antioxidants) and the anti-aging properties of Omega 6 fatty acids promote improved hair strength and elasticity.

It’s a lust-have must-have for healthy hair!

Available in retail and travel size, Healthy Sexy Hair’s new Top Coat is what every best-looking head of hair will be wearing from now onwards! RRP £12.99. or call 0845 230 9660.

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