Thursday, 17 June 2010

ARK De-Stress SkinResponse Serum - Cool, Calm, and Collected, Whatever The Situation!

We all know how stressful life can be; juggling health, friends, family and work alongside mini disasters! However, not all of us realize the full impact of these conflicting pressures upon our skin. ARK’s De-Stress SkinResponse Serum is a calming, quickly absorbed serum that gets to work as soon as it hits the skin. Containing enzyme complex CellActive – VIP and Boerhavia Diffusa root, it instantly reduces the visible signs of stress on the skin, and in turn diminishes the look of fatigue. It reinforces the skins moisture levels to protect it from pollution, the environmental forces, and most importantly, lifestyle pressures.
Apply 2 to 3 drops of the serum directly to your face. The serum is instantly absorbed and makes your skin feel cool and moisturised.
As we become more stressed, our levels of cortisone increase making our skin more reactive to external factors. ARK De-Stress Serum works by controlling the body’s release of histamine, and therefore liberating skin allergens while maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier.
This serum is ideal for people who suffer from increased levels of stress and want to reduce the appearance of inflamed, irritated, or dry skin. It is also perfect for people who spend long periods of time outside; exposed to the elements, and those who suffer from hay fever. This serum works really well as an alternative, or in conjunction with anti-histamine medication, alleviating red eyes, reducing sneezing, and easing itchy throats.
For best results use along side the ARK SkinResponse system appropriate to your age.
Ark De-Stress SkinResponse Serum £34 for 30ml
Available online and at Ark centres in Wimbledon, Putney and Fulham t: 020 7938 1898

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