Saturday, 12 June 2010

Functionalab Launches Exclusively At Harvey Nichols

Functionalab has just launched at Harvey Nichols & is one of the most highly anticipated brands to be exclusive to their beauty department only.
As they say themselves - 'Functionalab is an innovative and premium brand of science-based supplement solutions promoting a holistic approach to beauty, health and nutrition. Recognised as a "beauty innovator" by Wallpaper* magazine and supported by scientific research, this is the brand for truly effective results.'

The Range is made of the following 4 product types:

Beauty Doses: potent supplements targeted at various beauty objectives as well as one advanced multi-vitamins for the face and body.
Personalised Packs: complete and personalised nutritional supplement solutions in daily packets that combine the perfect assortment of nutrients
Liquid Doses: a line of convenient, concentrated drinkable supplements in three effective nutrient blends.
Health Drops: concentrated, water-soluble supplement drops that can be squeezed into your water or favourite beverage anytime.

With over 100 products in its range, Functionalab is the most comprehensive brand of its kind - offering a 100% natural solution to today's most prevalent beauty objections and conditions.

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