Thursday, 3 June 2010

Summer Must-Haves From YSL!!!!!

The first roll-on eye care by Yves Saint Laurent that wakes up tired eyes in a click. Deliciously fresh, this ultra-light emulsion reduces signs of fatigue in a flash and smoothes the entire eye contour area. Perfectly primed for make-up, the eyes reveal a bright new look.
The eye contour is clearly the most vulnerable zone where fatigue and stress hits first. Flash Touch – Wake-up Eyecare offers an instant recovery action for stressed out eyes. It’s a must-have backstage and on shoots requiring an early morning wake-up call. It’s fantastic when used prior to Touche Eclat to revive and bring some radiance to the eye area.
The high-performance formula of Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare is brimming with a plant complex rich in arnica that stimulates micro-circulation, decongests under-eye puffiness and helps erase dark circles. Silver linden tree buds extract sheathes and moisturizes as it smoothes out dehydration lines and the eye contour. Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare also contains correcting pigments with a rosy tone to reflect and diffuse the light, visibly softening shady zones. The eye contour is instantly unified and bright. All traces of fatigue vanish.
In a single click, Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare delivers the right dose for each eye. The ultra-cool roll-on applicator acts in perfect synergy with the formula. It boosts the efficiency of the active ingredients and provides a smoothing, stimulating massage to help banish under-eye puffiness and dark circles, while priming the eyes for make-up.
The best technique? Gently smooth on the eye contour area and eyelids from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes. Then lightly massage crow’s feet in small circular movements. Finish with a few gentle presses from the inner corner of the eye outwards to enhance the draining, decongesting effect. An addictive ritual: in less than a minute tired eyes are transformed.
Application is easy anytime, anywhere with the convenient nomad click & roll pen format. Keep it in your handbag for an instantly refreshed look whenever you start looking tired.
Energize with Flash Touch - Wake-up Eyecare, illuminate with Touche Eclat, and dramatize your lashes with Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical. Yves Saint Laurent makes intense and bewitching eyes as easy as one, two, three.
£24.99 Each - Available Nationwide

The legendary Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils has metamorphosized into a dangerous weapon of seduction. Now eyelashes are sheathed in radical black for dangerously intense, magnetic eyes….
BLACK - The signature colour of Yves Saint Laurent, black reveals its intonations and intentions in a host of YSL iconic creations.
Dense, powerful, exalted black, Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils now reveals unique depths thanks to intense mineral pigments and a triple film complex for -
Breathtaking volume: a coating film thickens each lash to create spectacular effects
Gorgeous curl: a conditioning film sheathes the lashes without clumping to maximise the curling effect of the brush
Extra long hold: a stabilizing film forms an invisible, vinyl polymer shield that maintains the colour without stiffening the lashes, and boosts its lasting qualities.
A complex of bio-active sugars of plant origin with pro-vitamin B5 forms a moisture-preserving barrier on the lashes to more effectively protect them.
‘Place the brush against the lash line and draw upwards in a zigzag stroke to thoroughly coat each lash. And don’t forget to brush lightly on the lower lashes! Then apply light pressure on the upper lashes with a finger or the brush to enhance the curling effect.” - Yannick Vaudry, International Make-Up Artist for Yves Saint Laurent.
Stylize. Outline. Shape. Shade … Yves Saint Laurent transforms the eyes in a single step. Like a ribbon of silk, color glides on the eyes, blends and defines in a pencil stroke.
£21.50 Each - Available Nationwide

An eye pencil sheathed in sleek lacquer. A supple, versatile tool that lends itself to multiple uses – kohl, eyeliner or eye shadow – and produces a variety of liner effects: from a perfect, precise line to a soft halo.
A “wardrobe” of 12 luminous shades, 6 soft colors to illuminate the eyes and 6 intense hues to shade them. From timeless black to fashionable “ready-to-wear” shades.
Finished in black lacquer and belted with a ring of the specific shade, each pencil is equipped with two tips and an applicator-blender.
A formula saturated in pigments for intense color that stays true for hours and hours. An innovative, exceptional glide-on texture that combines comfort and ultra-long hold.
Thanks to the cutting-edge manufacturing process (High Temperature Technology), the color cores are extruded under high heat. It ensures the incorporation of an exceptionally large percentage of pigments – which is not the case with a classic extrusion method. This process also gives the pencils excellent stability. Adhesive waxes “seal in” the color for impeccable hold. It stays put and never runs & Jojoba oil adds comfort and creaminess.
£17.00 Each - Available Nationwide

Energize with Flash Touch - Wake-Up Eyecare, illuminate with Touche Eclat, and dramatize your lashes with Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical. Yves Saint Laurent makes intense and bewitching eyes as easy as one, two, three!!!

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