Friday, 6 May 2011

Take Lee Stafford’s advice…this Summer is all about going for the Chop!

Ladies listen up - short hair is so key for the Summer season so brace yourself for fuss free, manageable locks that flatter and frame your face!

Hair superhero, Lee Stafford says: “This season sees the return of ‘short crop do’s’ but with a slightly new approach on the popular and very stylish pixi crop which was all the rage last summer with both Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson flaunting it. The short crop gives a fresh new trend that is easy to manage and sophisticated with style. And wait for of all this look is amazing if you want to go for a more youthful style to knock a few years off...I mean, check out Helen Mirran!”

Lee’s step by step guide to get the look: “What’s great about the short crop is that you can either wear it spiky with soft curls or straight and smooth - so great for those who are a little more scared to experiment.

Step 1: I always recommend that you take a picture to your hairdressers so they know exactly what look you want to go for
Step 2: to style at home like your hairdresser would in the salon, simply apply Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum (£7.19) before you blast your hair with a hairdryer
Step 3: then use a taming spray to tackle any strays and fizz and to give hair some added texture
Step 4: to finish, give your hair some texture and added shape by using a multi-tasker like my Lee Stafford Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray (£9.18 Boots) which acts as a light styling wax, hairspray and sea salt spray in one but doesn't weigh hair down..... so perfect for shorter hair dos!”
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