Friday, 6 May 2011

Faux The Bridal Glow!

Ah it’s all over now and didn’t Kate look stunning! With her classic look, the newly appointed Duchess of Cambridge wowed the nation.

It wasn’t just the dress that stole the show; Kate’s skin looked radiant too. It has been rumoured that she achieved this radiant look with the help of self tan, which we can well believe because her warm skin tone looked amazing against her white dress.

Having a healthy glow on your wedding day really can make all the difference to your look. How many of us can carry off a bright white dress against pale white skin without looking washed out?

Al Shea from Famous Dave’s Tanner says “Self tan is the perfect way to compliment your wedding day look, but it’s important you apply the self tanner a couple of days prior to the big day to build up the colour and achieve the perfect flawless finish. You should also take care when applying self tan to your hands - you don’t want any tell-tale marks when guests ask to see your wedding ring!”

With a little help from Famous Dave you too could have a tan worthy of a Princess.

Famous Dave’s new Gradual 10, £17.99, is ideal for a totally natural-looking tan on your big day, gradually building up to a subtle sun-kissed radiance.

Famous Dave’s Gradual 10 is an all-natural luxury everyday moisturiser with a hint of Famous Dave’s legendary self tan. Combining significant skincare benefits with a healthy glow, this easily absorbed non-sticky formulation is loaded with the finest natural active ingredients and antioxidants. These include Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Vitamins A & E, infused with organic ingredients such as Rosehip Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil which all work beautifully together to help transform and care for your skin in 10 different ways:

1. Moisturise
2. Nourish
3. Protect
4. Soften
5. Soothe
6. Smooth

7. Improve Skin Elasticity & Firmness

8. Delay the Effects of Ageing

9. Even Out Skin Tones

10. Gradually Build Up a Totally Natural-Looking

Streak-Free Tan

Famous Dave’s Gradual 10, £17.99, is a lightweight, quick-drying, daily self tanning lotion which gently cares for your skin, transforming it from zero to hero with minimum fuss. Suitable for face and body, swathe yourself in this luxurious lotion everyday for soft, subtle, sun-kissed radiance or to enhance and extend your existing tan.

Gradually build up a natural-looking, streak-free tan from the very first application and control the level of colour that is right for your individual skin tones. Famous Dave’s Gradual 10 offers you all the benefits of a luxury daily moisturiser whilst also giving your skin a subtle, healthy sun-kissed glow. The perfect accompaniment to existing Famous Dave tanning mousses and sprays, Gradual 10 also uses the same time-tested Famous Dave blend of natural ingredients which minimises any odours associated with self tanning without the need of adding unnecessary chemicals to lock out the odour.

Top tip for the perfect Gradual 10 tan: Exfoliate well before application. Massage the lotion into clean dry skin from top-to-toe using a circular motion, paying special attention to elbows, knees, feet, neck, wrists and fingers. Allow to absorb fully and wash hands thoroughly immediately after use. Your tan will start to develop from the very first application; re-apply over a number of days for a darker tan. Exfoliate regularly to help maintain an even tan.

Famous Dave’s Gradual 10 is £17.99/250ml

Available from Famous Dave at and all major Debenhams Department Stores,

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