Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hot Make-Up Trends With Myface Cosmetics

With matching metallic nail and eye bling, myface cosmetics sets the hottest trends from the high street to high fashion...

When it comes to beauty trends, myface cosmetics is happy to be a leader. Since this trail-blazing, trend setting brand launched their molten metallic lil' bling nail chromes and matching crushed pearl blingtones, matching nail and eye bling is everywhere...from the runways, to the high street (where it's the most requested look Boots has ever experienced). It's no wonder that where myface goes, other brands quickly follow!
Yet who would expect anything less with myface Artistic Director, Kabuki at the creative helm? Yes – the same Kabuki who created the very buzz-worthy, space-age looks for Katy Perry’s E.T. video and all of Kylie’s makeup for her latest tour and videos (go on Twitter to feel the love from these ladies - @kabukimagicNYC). Kabuki says: ‘before myface cosmetics you had to be a professional makeup artist to create a metallic look, but now with their revolutionary collections and new advances in formulations, anybody can create this on trend, high glamour look – from the high street!”

Coco Chanel once said that 'imitation is the highest form of flattery" and myface cosmetics couldn't agree more!

Merci Ms. Coco...!!

· myface lil bling nail chromes - £5.99 & matching blingtone eyeshadows - £9.99
· at Boots nationwide, Boots.com and www.myfacecosmetics.com

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