Friday, 15 April 2011

Eye Make-Up For Your Wedding Day

Neutral colours are the best option for bridal eye make-up, such as light browns & beiges to stone/grey as well as lilac colours, not forgetting silver & gold shimmer tones too...
To keep your eye make-up on all day, use an eye base or primer & then apply a base colour over the lid, such as cream or light beige as well as a shimmer tone.
Definition is very important for your photos & you can do this as well as still achieving a natural finish.
Start with the socket line after your base colour is applied, shade with a darker tone into the socket line with a light 'fluff' style brush to softly blend, then use a light slightly reflective highlighter colour to highlight the brow bone, this can also be used on the inner corner or the eye, applied with a cotton bud which will give the eyes a little added sparkle!
Choose your favorite mascara & then using a lash comb make sure all the lashes are separated. However if would rather avoid a lot of mascara incase of smudging after a few emotional tears then you could opt for a lash tint & perm before the big day which will give your lashes more definition.
For the brows, ensure these are shaped as they are the 'frame' to you eyes, a week before the wedding go for an eyebrow shape & maintain this on the lead up to your wedding, ensuring not to pluck on the day itself causing any redness!

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