Tuesday, 13 October 2009

NEW L'Oréal Paris Renewal Lash Serum & Double Extension Renewal Lash Serum Inside Mascara!

L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara combines their Renewal Lash Serum inside their new two step mascara. They say themselves that the new L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara gives a multiplied lash effect and up to 80% longer-looking lashes.

Step 1: A serum enriched base coat with arginine and centella. Lashes feel fortified and nourished.
Step 2: An ultra-lengthening mascara for a lash extension effect. Up to 80% longer-looking lashes.

This mascara is a great & simple way to brilliant lashes, it's two steps mean you get a fuller & more dramatic finish without any clogging. The first step is a white serum which coats the lashes to give them length & volume, however unlike many other mascaras the added benefit with this one is the Renewal Lash Serum which over time will keep your lashes looking longer in the long term as well as conditioning & caring for them root to tip. The mascara itself coats easily over the top giving a fantastic voluminous finish that really opens the eyes. After using this over the last few weeks I have found that it works brilliantly & the effects are great, Lancome have similar product on the higher end of the market but with L'Oreal's version at 10.99 it's definitely a winner! Available Nationwide

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