Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fantastic Skincare Range - Biore Pore Perfect

I have been lucky enough to try out some fantastic new products from Biore over the last week, Biore's famous 'Facial Deep Cleansing Pore Strips' have always intrigued me seeing as I have never actually given them a shot yet & with the new improved formula that has just been launched what better a time than right now to have a go!!! They instantly remove dirt & oil from the pores in the nose area & give a deep cleanse helping to rid your skin of those nasty black heads & over time reduce the appearance of pores. They are incredibly simple to use, just wet the nose area & then with dry hands peel back the strip & stick onto the skin then leave for 10mins.
Once removed you can really feel that the skin has been thoroughly cleansed & despite the strip looking like you have received nose injury while it is on, it's perfectly comfortable to wear! I have used all the strips now & I can honestly say I've found a significant difference in the pores on my nose, there are definitely less black heads around the side & the over all appearance of the pores has reduced considerably, definitely a winner!

Also a new addition to the range is the 'Pore Unclogging Scrub' which is a fantastic daily scrub to unclog pores & remove dirt which gently exfoliates leaving the skin soft & smooth. It is in a creamy pearlescent formula & the exfoliating beads feel gentle on the skin, it rinses well without leaving a residue & I have say it smells amazing, in fact almost good enough to eat!
As an oily skin sufferer I always love to try any product that can reduce shine throughout the day & with this product I think I've cracked it!! Biore 'Shine Control Moisturiser' is brilliant controls oil without drying the skin, it absorbs well while hydrating the skin & leaving a matte finish. This is fantastic to wear under make-up & will keep the foundation matte & shine free all day. I only needed to touch up once with a little powder which was great, also unlike a of of oil control lotions, foundation just glides on perfectly with this creating a smooth finish, much better than some I have tried in the past where I have felt it was like trying to blend my concealer over glue!
Check out Biores fantastic new Dirty Little Secrets Blog, as they say themselves, we all have them, so why hide them in the dark anymore!? Biore's Dirty Little Secret Campaign allows an environment where you can share your secrets with other girls who go through just the same as you, from having blemishes in embarrassing places to a long standing acne issue or even a skin issue you're not sure about their blog is the place for you, see for yourself at www.dirtylittlesecretblog.com or check out their Twitter page at www.twitter.com/dirtylsecret.
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