Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Summer Essential - New Piz Buin Active Sun Care!

Well there may have been a fair share of rain about over the last few days but the sun has been pretty hot so far this summer, so I've been trying out the new PIZ BUIN® Active sunscreen, it claims to - keep on working so you can keep on enjoying your time in the sun!
PIZ BUIN® Active is a long lasting sunscreen, with cutting-edge technology, the Active Spray with stands up to 80 minutes of sweat and water contact, so you can have as much fun in the sun as you like! It has a light & non-greasy formula which absorbs into the skin in seconds, which allows you to receive full protection quickly & easily plus the spray is excellent for getting to those hard to reach places!
I used the spray myself the other day & found it was not only easy to apply & very absorbent, it also carried less scent than many other sun protection products, which is certainly good for your perfume choice! Also there is nothing worse than have to smear cream all over & wait for it to dry before you get on with your day in the sun & who wants white lotion smears all over them?! With the spray it's just quick light mist sprayed over any exposed areas on the skin & you're ready to go, definitely the way forward in sun care! Most importantly is really does give excellent protection in the sun, having fair skin myself I'm pretty susceptible to going very pink in the sun but there was no pink-patches in sight! It will definitely packed in my holiday toiletries bag this year on my way to Barcelona!
aPIZ BUIN® Active is available in two products – Active Spray and Active Lotion – both of which feature PIZ BUIN’s Helioplex™ sun filter technology with resilient, photostable UVA and UVB protection against both burning and the ageing effects of the sun. £14.67 - Boots Currently have it on offer Buy 1 get 1 Free

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