Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Skindinavia - The Original Make-Up Saver

Over the last week I have discovered a fantastic product that answers every woman's problem of trying to keep our make-up lasting for longer - Skindinvia, "The Original Makeup Saver". The formula is a lightweight, breathable mist with a proprietary time-released cooling (cryogenic) technology that chills the makeup surface to resist melting, creasing, and colour loss. A second pigment wetting technology blends makeup for maximum coverage. The result is makeup that looks as fresh as when it was applied, even 16 hours later. No more clumping, caking, creasing, sliding, or fading!!!
The mist is easily applied once your make-up is finished simply hold about 8 inches away from the face and spray 2-4 times over your make-up, it instantly feels fresh & leaves your make-up feeling weightless! I have found that my make-up has really gone the distance each time it has been used, with less excess oil build ups on the foundation surface meaning less touch ups are required throughout the day.

They have also just expanded the product line with seven new makeup-finishing mists to address a variety of makeup problems women experience. The new products include -

1 - Jet Set Makeup Finish: Reinvigorates makeup color during travel or active use.

2 - Mineral Makeup Finish: Controls drying, settling, and shine on mineral foundation.

3 - 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish: Keeps makeup hydrated and out of wrinkles.

4 - No More Shine Makeup Finish: Absorbs oil and controls excess shine.

5 - Cool Flash Makeup Finish: Chills makeup in warm temperatures (and during hot flashes), avoiding meltdown.

6 - Bridal Makeup Finish: Holds makeup texture for photography and high stress conditions.

7 - Dance! Makeup Finish: Holds makeup while dancing, clubbing, or performing

The products are also formulated for sensitive skins, dermatologist & allergy tested as well as cruelty free - not tested on animals. Available from www.skindinavia.com

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