Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fake Tans for Free and Nails for Nothing - New Website Launch is simple – it's a website created to help you swap the talents and abilities you have with other people locally.
So, if you can apply an amazing fake tan but can never manage to get your nails just right you could use the website to find someone who's great at manicures and pedicures, and make them bronze beautiful in return. You get fantastic nails and they save themselves the cost of a salon tan – it's a win-win situation.
How works -
Registration is easy, just go to and fill in the online form. And you don't need to pay costly membership fees to access the website either – ITS FREE at the moment! This gives you access to their online database of fellow oddjobbers.
You can go online whenever it suits you, so it's convenient and you don't have to spend hours ringing round to get quotes, stay in for appointments or wait for firms to call you back. Just link up to get the jobs you need done at the click of a mouse.
How was born - it is the brainchild of Peter and Julie Bruce, who were thinking of ways to boost community spirit and beat the credit crunch at the same time.
'I'd grown up in an area that had such a strong sense of community spirit and I was wondering where that sense of togetherness had gone,' says Julie.
'We wanted to create something that would bring people together and have a positive impact. With the credit crunch, it's easy to think you can't afford to get work done, but looks for the positives, letting people benefit from one another's skills without having to spend loads of money.'
Check out the website to see what you can offer & what you can gain in return!

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