Friday, 26 June 2009

L'Oreal's New Studio Secrets Professional Range

L'oreal Paris is currently launching a fantastic new range called 'Studio Secrets Professional' revealing their top 5 professional make-up secrets, this is the first range of professional make-up to the mass market including products such as Re-Surfacing Primer, Anti-Dullness Primers & various Eye & Lip Intensifiers.
Inspired by supermodel Linda Evangelista, who throughout her 15 year career within the fashion industry as acquired a vast amount of inside knowledge within professional make-up as well as regularly doing her own make-up for catwalk shows & high profile shoots, the range has been developed with a teaching base & step by step approach. Linda now shares all the secrets of professional make-up with women worde wide, so now every woman can easily create professional make-up in her own home!
Here are each of the steps with all the magic products to have you preened to perfection!

Secret 1 - 'A Perfect Skin Surface'
All professional finishes start with a well prepared smooth surface, this includes 2 products 'Smoothing Resurfacing Primer' (Pictured Above) & 'Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer'. The first creates a soft even skin texture with pores & fine lines appearing smoother, I found when using this that a little goes along way which is great, my skin felt velvety smooth instantly & what's more my foundation stayed in place all day! Secondly is the Anti Shine Primer which will keep your skin shine free all day, perfect for those with oily skin, again only a little is required & best to add little dabs onto the shine prone areas such as forehead, nose & chin. Resurfacing Primer £11.99 & Mattifying Primer £9.99
Secret 2 - 'A Uniform Skin Tone'
All skin can have a few areas that either have slight red patches, signs of fatigue or lacklustre so with the right colour base your complexion can be flawless! Three colour primers are on offer here, Green 'Anti-Redness Primer', Pink 'Anti-Dull Primer for Light Skin' & Peach 'Anti-Dull Primer for Medium Skin'. With the green skin looks more even & toned with the redness reduced, with the Pink creating a glowing complexion for light skins & the Peach creating a warm tone for medium skins. I tested out the Pink & found it instantly gave my skin a fresh appearance, also one excellent tip is that if you apply a little to your foundation under the eyes it instantly brightens the under eye area! £9.99
Secret 3 - 'A Flawless Complexion'
A successful complexion depends on the attention given to it & with a winning combination, the right consistency, the right colour, the right coverage, the right luminosity & the right application, you can have the wow factor guaranteed!
The new Studio Secrets 'High Definition Smoothing Foundation' guarantees a satin soft & dazzling finish. The tube comes with it's own brush attached to give an even & professional application, the formula is designed blend perfectly with the skin giving an even finish & with a meshwork of fine waxes & soft focus effects the skin looks flawless, also a soft satiny powder provides luminosity leaving the skin radiant & glowing! There are 8 shades available which are addapted to suit all skin tones. £15.99
Secret 4 - 'Glorious Eyes'
Ever wondered how to make the most of your eyes & what colour works best without endless trial & error!? Well Studio Secrets can tell you exactly how to get it just perfect first time!
The eyeshadow should intensify the colour of the iris & your eyeliner redefines the eye, there are 16 shades within the range, 4 against each eye colour - Blue, Green, Brown & Dark Eyes. For example Blue eyes are intensified by an array of golden & warm browns, Green eyes by shades of brown, green & purple, Brown eyes with dark blues, light purples & brown as well as Dark eyes suiting greys & vibrant greens. The shadows are available in a variety of textures from Matt to Pearlescent & Shimmer plus all the pigments are optimised for an intense result in colour. I tried out some of the colours for brown eyes & found the deep blue really brought out my eye colour & the complimenting light purple look dazzling, also the shadows are great to work with & blend like a dream! £5.99 Each
Secret 5 - 'Sublime Lips'
Most lip shapes all need a small amount of redefining & rebalancing so the secret for seductive kissable lips is perfect definition & a well chosen colour!

Studio Secrets have a range of colour coordinated lipsticks making the choice easy as to what suits & to compliment a range of Lip Liners & Glass Shine LipGlass.
The colours are split into four groups & there are 24 in total, from Blonde, Light Brunette, Brunette & Dark Skin Tones, all groups have 2 lipliners each to compliment the colours, also each lipstick comes in 3 effects from Glossy, Satin to Matt. The
Glass Shine comes in 16 shades with again four groups from Blonde, Brunette, Auburn & Dark Skin Tones, it also has 3 effects from Lacquer, Glitter & Mother of Pearl. I tried out one the lipsticks for brunettes & found the colour to be very subtle & excellent for my skin tone, it also lasted very well & the gloss also gives along wear extra spake to the lip colour! Lip Stick £8.99, Lip Gloss £7.99 & Lip Liner £5.99

Over all an excellent range that creates a perfect combination of quality make-up, with an affordable price tag & the added bonus of a make-up tutorial built in! Many of the products will definitely be regulars in my make-up kit from now on! Available from Boots Nationwide

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