Monday, 15 September 2008

Red Lipstick - The Hottest Look in Town!

Red is the colour on every body's lips right now & it's the hottest shade to be seen in this coming season! All the celebs are showing off their rouge pouts while on the red carpet or out on the town including Gwen Stefani who was snapped dining out in LA last night wearing a vibrant red lipstick - a perfect example of how it can give a glamorous edge to a very simple look.
Here are a few tips on wearing your red lippy to perfection -
First of all choose your colour wisely, there are a few types of red, the main ones being 'blue-toned' (vibrant crimson colours) & then 'warm-toned' (with a hint of orange or brown), pale skins should always opt for blue-tones & dark to olive skins should go for a warmer palate.
When going for this look opt for a subtle make-up, bright red lips & dark smokey eyes are usually a bit too much, go for a light matt foundation & use a light eyeshadow either a flesh-tone or a light beige. Lightly line the eyes & define the lashes with some volumising mascara to make them stand out, it will create definition but keeps it simple. Go for a light blusher to define your cheek bones, just a light beige-pink or subtle bronzer.
Make sure you prepare the lips before you apply the red, they need to be in good condition (dry cracked red isn't a good look!), use a lip balm to soften them first, after this apply a little foundation with your finger tips as this will provide a base for the colour to sit on & will create a longer finish as well as a matt appearance.
Take a lip liner but go for one the same colour as your lips rather than a red, it only needs to be a guide for your lip brush & this makes it easier if you want to fill out your lips as well.
Apply the lip stick with a lip brush along the lip line & then fill in, blot & go over them again then blot, do this a few times until the colour is as intense as you would like it to be.
Take your time over this, it's not a job to be done in a hurry (!!), practise makes perfect so try out your new look before a big night out & wear it in the house to get used to it if you don't normally go for such vibrant colours - get it right though & it's the perfect accessory to any little black dress!
Two of the best red lipsticks to look out for are Chanel's cult classic 'Red No5' & Mac's award winning 'Ruby Woo' Russian Red Lipstick which was created for Madonna.

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