Monday, 15 September 2008

Eyelure False Lashes For Men - Just a Publicity Stunt?!

I have written a couple pieces over the last few months about the latest craze with 'Man-Make-Up' that is exploding all over the cosmetic counters these days! We now have 'Manscara' & 'Guyliner', not to mention a fairly extensive range of cleansing products as well concealers & bronzers now available to men, however I was pretty surprised to see these new False Eyelashes by Eyelure for men! The main difference is that they have an invisible strip to make them seem as natural as possible, if I'm being honest I think it's maybe a little OTT to say the least! I don't know of many men that will feel the need for false lashes, male grooming products defintely have their place in the market & will only become more popular, but these particular items are purely about the marketing buzz to get us talking about the brand rather than men actually buying them.... So will they be a sell out when they hit the shops this month (??), probably as I don't imagine that many will actually be on the shelves in the first place, however the rest of their range will certainly see a boost in sales after all their free publicity!

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