Friday, 13 September 2013

KIKO Make Up Milano Launches Infinity Eyeshadow CLICS SYSTEM

KIKO Make Up Milano has revealed its new buildable CLICS SYSTEM, four palette size variations with 108 new eyeshadows to interchange and 'click' into place. The new CLICS SYSTEM takes its name from the following words: Composability, Liberty, Innovation, Colour and SystemSelect, offering a new colour spectrum, featuring 96 new Infinity Eyeshadows and 12 new Infinity+ Eyeshadows. 
Each shade is highly pigmented for a pure, bright colour  and can be used wet or dry to amplify. Available in four different finishes; matte, satin, metallic and pearly, the formula allows them to blend easily and is long-lasting with a test hold of up to 10 hours. The new range include the Eyes CLICS 3 Palette, £3.90; 4 Palette, £4.90; 9 Palette, £9.90; 24 Palette, £15.90; Infinity Eyeshadow, £4.90; and Infinity+ Eyeshadows, £6.90. 
The new KIKO Make Up Milano range is available in KIKO stores and online at from 25 September. 

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