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Helen Flanagan isn’t alone in enjoying the slimming and blemish concealing effects of a fauxy tan. But when it comes to applying her tan, Helen’s technique leaves a lot to be desired, and she’s been viciously mocked by other contestants for her orange tint and tell-tale smell. Helen’s tanning disaster could easily have been avoided by following a few simple tips – here’s Crazy Angel’s advice to help her avoid losing her bushtucker tanning challenge!

How to have the face of an Angel

Helen was told by Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts that she’d applied too much fake tan to her face, making it a darker tone than her body! It’s a mistake made by many a fake tan novice, but it’s easy to avoid! Remember, you only need a very small amount of tanning lotion for your face. It should be less than a full pump size – only slightly more than the amount of toothpaste you use to brush your teeth! Apply the tan to your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose, then begin massaging it into your cheeks, spreading it out into other areas as you massage it in.

Avoid the Oompa Loompa effect

Eastenders' star Charlie Brooks cruelly described Helen as looking like at Oompa Loompa. There’s really no need to go for the Tango-ed look these days – all Crazy Angel’s tanning lotions produce a deep and natural-looking tan that’s definitely olive rather than orange! Try Crazy Angel’s Midnight Kiss Tanning Lotion, RRP £17.95 for a deep, glamorous tan will make people think, ‘winter break in the Caribbean’ not ‘extra in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’!

Tanning Angels are heaven scent

David Haye claims that Helen ‘stinks of fake tan’, but not all tanning lotions have that infamous unpleasant smell! Helen could have avoided the insults by using Crazy Angel’s tanning lotions, which have a light, fresh floral fragrance, so no one will ever guess your fauxy tan came from a bottle.

Let your Guardian Angel look after your tan

Helen’s claim that she pays to have her spray tan topped up every other day resulted in derision from her fellow contestants – and we’re not surprised! You don’t have to spend your life in a beauty salon to maintain that golden glow – a body moisturiser with a low DHA, such as Crazy Angel’sSupreme Goddess Tan Extending Body Moisturiser, RRP £10.50, will extend the life of your tan for a fraction of the cost and effort, and nourish your skin too!

Crazy Angel combines ultra-moisturising Bearberry extract to nourish and hydrate the skin with  naturally derived tanning agents; Crazy Angel will create a flawless finish to skin, whist delivering luxurious and long lasting results.

Peace of Mind
Crazy Angel’s innovative and unique tanning formulations are alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free giving you absolute confidence when applying the products that they are safe to apply on all skin types giving you the peace of mind and guarantee satisfaction...every time!

Heaven Scent
Not only is Crazy Angel fast drying and streak free but the experts behind these fabulous tanning products have overcome the unpleasant small normally associated with self-tanning products  and have formulated a fabulous fresh lush fragrance that leaves the skin pleasantly scented.

The Range
The Crazy Angel Range includes salon sprays, lotions, prepare and aftercare products.

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