Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Tantasia from jane iredale®

Imagine a world where the perfect tan is always at your fingertips. A world where you never have to worry about streaks on your skin, or unsightly marks on your towels. A world where sunless technology first senses, then enhances, your skin’s most flattering shade and with frequent use, builds a deep lasting tan.

Tantasia, from jane iredale, makes sun-kissed, seductive colour available to you at any time of the year in an easy, safe and moisturising formula that suits all skin types and that can be applied anywhere on the face or body.

No extra moisturiser is needed because the wheat protein provides natural hydration, there is no after-smell and the formulation contains a refreshing citrus scent.

There are four key ingredients in Tantasia that create a natural looking, long lasting tan:

• Acetyl Tyrosine & Monk’s Pepper (vitex agnus castus) stimulate melanin synthesis, allowing the shade to mimic your natural tanned colour. Acetyl Tyrosine accelerates the colouring response, while the beta-endorphin-like effect of Monk’s Pepper leads to melanin formation, with or without sun exposure*.

• Copper Gluconate is an enzymatic bio-activator, providing an additional source of tyrosine delivery to increase a more even colour.

• Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is bonded to a vegetable natural amino acid compound. Advanced technology, using an amino acid that interacts with the skin’s proteins, activates a beautifully natural- appearing, intense colour change. When spread evenly, enzymes in the epidermis break down the amino acid which combines with the DHA for instant colour, compensating for any shade differences in skin areas.

Repeat applications daily until a golden tan has been achieved, then use it as frequently as you need to maintain colour.

Tantasia retails for £24.

For more information about the jane iredale range of mineral cosmetics, made without fillers, fragrance, chemical dyes or synthetic preservatives call 020 8450 7111, or go to

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