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Eyelash Enhancements - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Lady GaGa are just a few stars who are well-known for their outrageous eyelashes. These women have set the trends for false eyelashes and never miss a beat – however sometimes eyelash enhancements can take a turn for the worse.

Britney Spears’ infamous 2006 Today Show interview with Matt Lauer had people buzzing, especially when her false eyelashes began to fall off mid-interview! According to Barbara Rattigan, founder of Shavasana Eyelash Extensions, “Applying beautiful, sexy lashes is truly an art. Just like applying make up to the face lashes can transcend your look to a new level. Lashes can provide you with a youthful appearance and lift the eye in all the right places.” Below, Barbara offers pointers on how to “lash out” the right way:

There are two types of lash applications we can look at – Eyelash Extensions and False lashes. False lashes are applied by you or a makeup professional for a one day look. Eyelash Extensions will last you for months with touch ups. There are many must Do’s and please Don’ts in the lashing world.

The Do’s of False Eyelashes
Cut the strip to fit the shape of your eye
Use a flare lash to add dimensions and volume on the outer corner of the lash line
Apply mascara lightly to the lashes previous to applying the false lash
Use eye liner over the top of the lash line to blend the false lash and the natural lash line

The Don’ts of False Eyelashes
Don’t rush your false lash application. Make sure to blow the adhesive completely dry. The strip could fall out and when you least expect it.
Don’t go too long or too thick unless it’s Halloween or you’re channeling your inner Gaga.

When planning to get lash extensions you really are depending on the advice and consult of the Eyelash Extension Specialist. Choosing your professional is important. Make sure these are the Rules and Regulations your Salon/Spa professional follows.

Proper placement of the extensions can add dimension and fullness to your lashes while creating a youthful appearance to your eyes by lifting the lid in all the right places. Just like a proper brow shaping, proper lash placement can change your entire appearance. Applying good lash extensions is truly an art. Consultation is a must.

Do’s for Eyelash Extensions
Do choose an appropriate length and thickness to match your natural lash. This is an extension to your natural lash. . Contrary to what we see often in the media: overdone lashes can make you look tired and cheap. You want to look naturally blessed with amazing lashes. To the untrained eye impossible to differentiate real from fake. Too thick, too long lashes can harden your look.
Do soften up on your make up. Lash Extensions will add a lot of definition your lash line. Heavy liners or dark shadows could be too strong for the eyes to carry.
Do follow your maintenance schedule for touch up appointments. An overdue lash appointment can look messy and unruly. Fill in your lashes with mascara until you can make your next appointment. Make sure to only use water soluble mascara that is safe to use with your lash extensions.

Don’ts for Eyelash Extensions
Not looking age appropriate is the most common mistake made in eyelash extensions. Lashes that are too thick or too long can actually age you. The extensions should accentuate your lashes and lift the eye up, not pull it down. If you are young, tight faced, with no wrinkles around the eyes and stunningly beautiful you can really rock the over the top. If you’re like the majority of women, you will need a professional consultation to figure out the best look for your face.
Don’t go into your appointment guns blazing. Asking for the thickest and longest lashes available probably isn’t going to be your best look. Your extensions should extend your naturals but not double them in length. The thickness is supposed to match your natural eyelash and adding volume can be done by building thicker lashes on the top rows.

Don’t assume the bigger the better. “The bigger the lash the bigger my eyes will look” thought is not true when it comes to lash extensions. Super long and extra thick extensions can actually make your eyes look smaller. Too thick eyelashes can weigh down your lashes covering your eyes. Too long can create the illusion of a sunken eye. Lashes that shape your lash line correctly will open your eyelid and emphasize the color of your eyes making them look bigger.

Remember: lash extensions should accentuate your eyes. You want people to say you have the most beautiful lashes not the most beautiful extensions.

About Shavasana Eyelash Extensions
Launched in 2005 Shavasana is a leading eyelash extensions company and one of the first to offer professional products and training in the procedure of eyelash extensions. The Shavasana Eyelash Extensions procedure is a semi-permanent treatment to add length and volume to the eyelash line by the addition of extensions to your own natural lashes. Shavasana Eyelash Extensions are available nationwide at select spas and salons. For a complete list of Shavasana professionals, please visit Shavasana also offers a wide range of eyelash enhancing retail products for purchase at select spas and salons, and

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