Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding Day Beauty - Perfect Skin!

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life & you want to make sure your skin is glowing to perfection under your make-up, here are some tips I always pass on to clients -
The basis for good make-up begins with the skin, if you don't have a good skin care regime in place already make sure you do on the lead up to the wedding. Start a few months before, don't begin any new routines or start having facials the week before as this can over stimulate the skin causing an uneven complexion to your worst nightmare - spots/blemishes!
Plan well in advance, if you opt for a course of facials your beautician can recommend some products for your skin type that you can use regularly in your routine. If you have problem/oily skin & want to improve this before the wedding day, try do avoid harsh cleansers & toners with alcohol, these will only strip your skin of it's natural barrier & cause a further oil build up as well as blemishes, opt for a balancing product.
What ever your skin type whether it be dry, sensitive or combination there are many different products on the market to suit so there is plenty to choose from but if you feel a little lost with it all a good beauty salon can always recommend some great products.
Also drink plenty of water, eat well & make sure you get lots of beauty sleep - no late boozy nights just before the big day (with the exception of the hen party obviously)!

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