Thursday, 21 April 2011

How to Get Kate Middleton's Flawless Tan With St Tropez

With the impending nuptials fast approaching, St.Tropez Skin Finishing Expert for St.Tropez, Nichola Joss shares her step by step secrets below for Kate’s flawless ‘Royal Tan’.

The Royal tan by Nichola Joss, Skin Finishing Expert for St.Tropez.

“Kate has a really gorgeous English rose complexion so with a white gown, we would look at a very light wash of colour, something to make her skin radiant and glowing and ensure she looks flawlessly polished for her big day:

Step 1: Two days before the wedding, I would give Kate an exfoliating lymphatic massage and skin polish using the St Tropez Tan Optimiser Body Polish This will get the circulation going and add energy and a real vitality to the skin.

Step 2: Follow the massage with a drenching of good body butter to ensure no dry patches. This will help the tan sink in and develop really evenly.

Step 3: On the day before I would then use a gentle breath of self tan sprayed all over the body to lift her natural complexion and give a little depth and dimension to the skin.

Step 4: For added radiance and warmth, use a light self tan created especially for the face like the new St Tropez Naturals Radiance Self Tan Face Cream - this product offers a really gentle glow and more importantly it is designed for use on sensitive skin which means even the most delicate complexions can use it. There would be nothing worse than a breakout or reaction the day before the big day!

Step 5: The morning of the event after a bath or shower, apply a skin finishing product. Use one of the St Tropez skin illuminators to make skin look HD ready and super polished. This will allow the light to bounce off the skin adding dimension, lightness and radiance which is going to be really important with all the flashbulbs she is going to have to contend with.

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