Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bourjois - Paris Ballerina 2011

Back to its first love of stage, Bourjois brings into the spotlight the modern day ballerina for Spring 2011!

Between the delicate ballet universe and the Bourjois’ colourful joie de vivre, a new delicate yet edgy look is born resulting in pastel hues twisted with deep black and blue suiting all women from 7 to 77!

Eye Focus: dress your eyes in tender, poetic shades with smoky accents for a graceful ballerina look with the soul of a rock star

Step 1: Eye Definition
Subtly define your eyes with an ultra-soft duo of delicate pink and a flash of softly shimmering silver shades Apply pink Little Round Pot eyeshadow Rose Dragee #05 over your eyelids following the curve of the eye through to the inner corner of the eye to highlight. Blend in the eyeshadow from the base of the eyelashes to the eyebrow arch. Next, add the sparkling silver Little Round Pot eyeshadow Argent Pailettes #25 putting more emphasis on the outer corner of the eyes to open them up.

Step 2: For that Rock ‘n’ Roll Touch
Using the Effet Smoky eyeliner in Ultra Black #76 draw a thick black line onto the base of your eyelashes with the pencil end of the liner and blend it in using the brush tip to create a perfect blended look. Coat your lashes with Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara to give your lashes extra volume and curl.

To complement your eyes and complete the look, achieve a fresh complexion, powdered lips and rock ‘n’ roll nails.

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