Friday, 28 January 2011

Bridal Beauty- Getting Your Blusher Right

For your big day a nice natural blush effect is best, you do not need to apply a great deal more than you would normally feel comfortable wearing as at the end of the day you are creating a natural day make-up. Using a light highlighter along with your blusher just above the cheekbone, working towards the brow bone will give a nice subtle glow & will add more definition to your cheek bones. Cream blushers give a nice natural effect & can create a barely there make-up look but still give you a 'flush' of colour on your cheeks. If you decide to opt for this wear a primer underneath & apply to an un-powdered finish then lightly powder afterwards to set, this will make the blusher last longer. If opting for a powder use a large brush & sweepgently across the cheek. For a youthful & natural look, apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks, these are the fleshy part of your cheeks when you smile. Remember that you only need to take the colour up slightly in order to see it in the photos, the flash of the camera can strip some of the colour away, but if you opt for a high quality blusher such as Mac then the pigments will still show through & give you a nice finish for the photos.

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