Friday, 29 October 2010

The Latest Bloodcurdling Anti-Ageing Beauty Treatment!!!

Just in time for Halloween, Wahanda introduce a real taste of vampire vitality - DRACULA THERAPY! Also known as S3, Dracula Therapy is the hottest news in anti-ageing – a spine-tingling treatment which involves having your face injected with your own blood to keep you looking young and fresh of face!
The S3 name is short for Stimulated Self Serum skin therapy. During the treatment, a doctor draws vessels of your own blood from your arm through a special machine, then separates the red blood cells from the fluid (plasma and white blood cells). After vitamins and amino acids have been added into the plasma, the enriched serum is injected into your face, targeting any problem areas.
What’s more, the treatment leaves little or no marks, banishing fine lines and leaving you with plump, glowing skin…Dracula Therapy also stimulates DNA repair which helps to erase scars and speed up skin regeneration, and the vitamin boost spurs on DNA production leaving you glowing with health! As creepy as it may seem, S3 therapy is not a new theory - doctors have used the process for over 20 years to help athletes heal quicker and to help treat receding gums.
With only one location in the UK where this cutting edge treatment is available through Wahanda, be sure to try it out before it really hits the headlines in a big way! Wahanda has exclusive offers available for the spa’s, wellness centre’s, gym’s and fitness centres that you won’t find anywhere else in addition to Beauty and Spa Gift Vouchers, which are redeemable at over 500 destinations nationwide.

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