Friday, 10 September 2010

Emma Willis Fronts Beautycycle By Amway

Beautycycle’s personalised beauty regime, inspired by the power of the elements, now offers even more product variety: four new products have been added to the range characterised by highly effective ingredients.
The triple potent Fire 3-in-1 Masque-Scrub-Brightener and the revitalising Fire Renewal Serum actively promote the skin’s cell regeneration process. The Air Anti-Ageing Cleansing Milk ensures increased oxygenation of mature skin. The Dramatic Volume Mascara is a welcome addition to the cosmetic collection which now offers lengthening and volumising mascaras.

Beautycycle UK Brand Ambassador: Emma Willis says:
“The new beautycycle products are great, especially for this time of year when skin can be dehydrated and sun damaged. The 3 in 1 scrub makes my skin look amazing. It gets rid of the dull, grey looking skin and reveals healthy looking, bright skin. The serum is good because it gives you a boost of vitamin C which regenerates and revitalises the skin and protects it from further damage. I also use the new illuminating hydro-masque for an instant moisture boost when I need it!”

Fire 3-in-1 Masque-Scrub-Brightener
This triple-action renewal, two-way exfoliating masque contains the elements sugar
cane, orange and lemon extracts to give a deeper exfoliation revealing smoother,
fresher skin. Conditioners and illuminators help to brighten skin and a re-energising
complex of glucosamine, urea and aloe vera works as an anti-inflammatory. Extracts
of algae hydrate and refresh skin. This product can be used both as a cleanser and
exfoliant and will make the skin look clear and radiant. £10.20 (150ml)

Fire Renewal Serum
Fire Renewal Serum jump starts the skin’s renewal process, containing vitamin C and
hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C regenerates and revitalizes the skin. Hyaluronic acid binds
moisture exceptionally well. The complex of glucosamine, urea and aloe vera works as
a soothing and hydrating agent. The skin looks clearer and more even-toned which
makes it appear more youthful and healthy. £15.85 (15ml)

Air Age Repair Cleansing Milk
The Air Age Repair Cleansing Milk is a silky, light, soap-free cleansing milk, which
completes the Air skin care range consisting of Cleanser, Toner, Day and Night Repair
Creams. The key ingredient of this range is natural yogurt probiotic which helps skin
cells to absorb oxygen more easily. Skin looks fresher and wrinkles are visibly
reduced. Lady’s smock another ingredient helps to bind moisture and gives the skin a
silky, non-oily texture. £7.25 (150ml)

Dramatic Volume Mascara
Lashes are smudge-free, clump-free and flake-free when wearing the new Dramatic
Volume Mascara. It is long-lasting, has an easy-off formula and contains wheat
protein and conditioning vitamin B. The thick, full brush helps adds volume to lashes,
whilst still containing a natural look. £10.80 (7g)

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