Thursday, 26 August 2010

St Tropez Summer Skin SOS

So your summer holiday is over but that doesn’t mean your tan has to be too. Follow these easy top tips from St Tropez tanning expert Tammy Baker to ensure that your tan lasts just as long as your holiday memories…

Once you have returned from your holiday it’s natural to want to make your sun tan last as long as possible so for an immediate colour boost use the St Tropez Tan Intensifier. This unique lotion is infused with rich Mediterranean oils, antioxidant vitamin E, and a specialist mix of tanners to help prolong a golden radiance and finish the skin for maximum impact. This is a hydrating gel based product glides over the skin to provide an instant boost which will then develop over 4-12 hours. Apply Tan Intensifier every 2-3 days when you need that extra boost of colour to make your holiday tan last as long as possible.

To achieve an all year round glow that can rival your holiday tan Tammy suggests using St Tropez Bronzing Mousse ‘my favourite product is Self Tan Bronzing Mousse because it is very quick and easy to apply with the Tan Applicator Mitt and it dries in 60 seconds meaning you can get dressed straight away. The guide colour will provide you with an instantly gorgeous natural tan which develops over 4-12 hours. The tan lasts 3-5 days and is easy to top up when necessary’

For those who prefer a hint of colour on their skin Tammy recommends using Gradual Tan Mousse.

‘Just like Self Tan Bronzing Mousse this is very quick and easy to apply with the Tan Applicator Mitt and it dies in 60 seconds. There is no guide colour this time but you can see from the sheen of the product where you have applied it. This will develop into a natural tan which will provide a subtle boost. You can apply Gradual Tan Mousse anytime you feel you need a colour boost. Allow to develop between 4-12 hours for the best results’

If you maintain your tan correctly you can achieve a healthy glow all year round without anyone even realising you are using a self tan product. ‘ After care is essential for Self Tan maintenance. Use St Tropez Body Polish every 2-3 days. This will gently buff the skin and ensure the tan fades more evenly and revive your skin. Use St Tropez Body Moisturiser or Body Butter daily to keep the skin beautifully hydrated and make the tan last longer. If your skin is dry and dehydrated your tan will fade faster and become uneven’

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