Friday, 6 August 2010


For years, those of us with sensitive skin have had little choice when it comes to fragranced bathing products. The majority of mainstream sensitive skin products have avoided fragrances all together, providing less of a pampering experience. So where’s the treat in that?
Imperial Leather believes that people with sensitive skin deserve to get the same result from their beauty products as everyone else. This Spring, the brand launched SkinKind, a new hypoallergenic range. Developed in conjunction with its own in-house fragrance experts, SkinKind is specifically designed to provide a fragranced yet allergen free option for the most sensitive of skins.
The new formulation provides a balanced cleanser that is in tune with your skin and doesn’t strip or harm it with harsh chemicals. The range also contains natural moisturising ingredients giving you soft, smooth, skin from every wash. Dermatologically approved, the SkinKind family of products includes shower body washes and bath creams for both men and women.
Caroline Reynolds, senior brand manager for Imperial Leather explains: “We want to offer anyone with sensitive skin the opportunity to have an enjoyable fragrant shower without the fear of irritation.
“Traditionally there has not been much choice in the mainstream market and sufferers have been frustrated and had to make do with fragrance free products. There was no relaxing sense of luxury when it came to products for sensitive skin.
“At Imperial Leather, fine fragrance is a unique and essential component in the development of all our products. The new SkinKind range is no different and the allergen free fragrance is a fundamental ingredient that exudes luxury. A product for sensitive skin that smells good.”
The SkinKind range is made with light, natural moisturising ingredients and allergen free fragrances* to enable those with sensitive skin to indulge freely, knowing that their skin is clean, healthy and cared for.
The SkinKind range of products includes two Body Washes for women; hydrate, a creamy luxurious wash with cotton extract and oat milk and refresh, a light invigorating wash made using cucumber and aloe vera. The hair and body wash variant developed especially for men is restore with ingredients including vitamin b5 and marine extracts. The range is priced at £1.80 and will be available at all good supermarkets.

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