Monday, 26 July 2010

Top Eyeliner Tip!

For striking glamorous Saturday night eyes, here's a little tip I picked up for defining your top lash line to give extra depth to make you eyes really stand out!
First of all take a flat defining brush, try Mac's 212 Flat Definer (£15), then take your black eyeshadow or another dark colour for defining & wet your brush, then add the shadow. Apply to the under part of your lash line, to do this look upwards & the part of the lash line that sits under your lashes is the area you want to aply the colour. Just take it in small blocks from the inside to the lashes & apply three quarters away along from the outer edge of the eye. This will give more defintion to your lashes as well as the shape of your eye. Once this is applied, define above the lashes on the top lashline with a dry brush to create a smokey finish or pencil/liquid, what ever you prefer, defining the under part of you top lashes will always enhance your normal eyeliner. The perfect start to smouldering eyes!!

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